Trip to the Everglades Includes Alligators, Wildlife Viewing and Surprises

The Everglades are subtropical wetlands that stretch down the southern half of Florida from the Kissimmee River near Orlando through Lake Okeechobee to Florida Bay at the southern tip of the state. In the wet season the water forms a slow-moving river that is 60 miles wide and over 100 miles long the giving the Glades their ‘River of Grass‘ nickname. The Florida Everglades has several different ecosystems this diversity makes it possible for many different species of plants, animals and birds to call the Everglades home. Continue reading “Trip to the Everglades Includes Alligators, Wildlife Viewing and Surprises” »

How to pick an excursion to visit Ephesus?

If you are in love with nature and new places and you like to explore the beauties around the world then you must have to visit Turkey. It is a country that is full of attractive and beautiful places. Continue reading “How to pick an excursion to visit Ephesus?” »

What To Visit in Dubai in 24 Hours

Dubai is such an outstanding city that visiting it in just 24 hours might seem like a challenge, but it is still possible to get the best taste of it in just one day. First of all, let’s not forget that transportation is one of the most important things when going on a trip, even more significant when you have made up your mind to get the best of Dubai in 24 hours. Continue reading “What To Visit in Dubai in 24 Hours” »

An Unforgettable Stay in Kolkata

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, is reminiscent of the industrial revolution, and home to the oldest port in India. The city was a hub for cultural, artistic, literary and poetic movements in the 19th and 20th centuries. This is the reason it houses numerous libraries and museums, where tourists can get a glimpse into this rich aesthetic heritage. People can also enjoy the mustard-infused flavour of seafood at restaurants. Continue reading “An Unforgettable Stay in Kolkata” »

Sapa Tours – great adventure in North Vietnam

Do you really want to have another great adventure in North Vietnam? Vietnam Bamboo Travel also offers you some places where you can choose our Sapa Vietnam tour package and enjoy some areas for a few days. Here, you can get some great adventures where you have never seen before. We will help you manage your schedule to visit some places that are considered as the best landmarks in North Vietnam. Let us give you some options below and you can enjoy your holiday anytime you want. Continue reading “Sapa Tours – great adventure in North Vietnam” »

Allingham Arms Hotel, Donegal

The ‘Capital of Country’ the Allingham Arms Hotel is famous for its Country and Showband weekends. Situated on the seafront, just a short walk from the heart of Bundoran – famous for its live and traditional music spots, Bundoran Waterworld and Donegal Adventure Centre. Continue reading “Allingham Arms Hotel, Donegal” »

Luxury and Comfort at Peabody Hotel Orlando, Florida

Basing your family or business trip at the Peabody is an experience you will never forget. The 25 story hotel is located in the heart of activity in Orlando, Florida, right on International Drive. Located right next to the Orlando Convention Center. It is luxury and comfort all wrapped into one. This hotel is world renown for their ducks…that’s right, their ducks. People come from far and wide to watch the famous ducks come in to the fountain daily on the red carpet. Continue reading “Luxury and Comfort at Peabody Hotel Orlando, Florida” »

Things to do in Navarre Beach

Reconnect with your family, yourself, your beach. Navarre Beach on Santa Rosa Island is waiting..

Tucked away in a corner of Northwest Florida, far from crowded theme parks and packed beaches, you will discover a peice of the old Florida offering solitude and simplicity for sun seekers, families, outdoor adventurers, nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts. Here the waters are emerald clear and the sand is so clean and powdery white it literally squeaks under your toes. Continue reading “Things to do in Navarre Beach” »

Tiji Festival in Upper Mustang

Every year in May, Lomanthan is full with tourist to explore the biggest festival in the area. The three day festivals has some of the amazing things that you could encounter in the 4000 meter. The annual festival is celebrated for the victory of Buddha incarnation. The dance performed by the monks was another daunting factor of the festival. The dance is known as TSA CHAAM that is performed on the first day of Tiji festival. On the second day of festival NGA CHAAM dance is performed. Continue reading “Tiji Festival in Upper Mustang” »

The best beaches in Peru

Come to the land of Peru and enjoy the pristine ambience and natural beauty here. Visit the beaches and let the travelling bug get to you. Enjoy the natural surprise that this land gives you and get involved in all the activities that can be enjoyed under the sun. Rejuvenate, relax and just take a great holiday break in this land of beaches, scenic splendor and travel delights. Just unwind and enjoy all that you wanted to, in a beach and give yourself that much needed rest in one of the Peru beaches. Continue reading “The best beaches in Peru” »

Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne

Welcome to the award-winning heritage hotel in the city center! Being the winner of the superior accommodation hotel 2010 given away by the state, the Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne overlooking the Yarra River is eminent by its world-class assistance, grace, and legendary importance. This luxury retreat was erected as the Commercial Travelers Club in 1913, which later on was beautifully transformed into the fashionable heritage-listed inn. However, what you see today is not the original structure although it does retain its 1900s feel as well as style despite being tactfully restored to offer the latest amenities as well as technology. Continue reading “Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne” »