Pattaya, An Active Environment

Pattaya’s ability to offer a host of international sports and leisure activities, combined with all the conveniences of a modern and cosmopolitan city is attracting investors sold on the destination’s tropical lifestyle. Pattaya has emerged as Thailand’s top beach resort and is climbing in status due to its range of high-end lifestyle options, modern infrastructure and ideal location, just 90 minutes from Bangkok’s new international airport. Continue reading “Pattaya, An Active Environment” »

Three Things to Visit or Do in Paris

Paris, je t’aime! Paris is so much more than the Eiffel Tower, the historic monuments, modern architect, fashion and nightlife. So bright and busy, Paris is during the day; so much at night, it changes and becomes its namesake, the “City of Lights.” Paris is where the adventure begins as can never make an incorrect choice of what to see in Paris. Continue reading “Three Things to Visit or Do in Paris” »

Travel the Grand Tour of Switzerland with a camper

If you want to experience an adventure that raises adrenaline, dazzling with the beauty and power of nature, you should go the next spring or summer on a great journey to Switzerland. The Grand Tour of Switzerland is a new route that will take you all over the country. Continue reading “Travel the Grand Tour of Switzerland with a camper” »

Blind booking: book your “I don’t know where I am flying to” trip

Continue reading “Blind booking: book your “I don’t know where I am flying to” trip” »

Unique Travel Destinations in Europe

European continent is a home to many great countries. Almost everyone knows about large countries located in Europe. For example, countries like Germany, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy and France. However, in Europe there are some countries that most people probably have not heard of before. For example, countries like Montenegro, Luxemburg, Malta, Lichtenstein and San Marino. Continue reading “Unique Travel Destinations in Europe” »

Three places to visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is situated in Central Europe and it shares its borders with Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Liechtenstein. It is known to be one of the smaller nations, and is known for a host of interesting factors like its blessed cheeses, chocolate that one can die for, famous watchmakers, banks and mountains that have their tips covered in heavy, beautiful snow. Continue reading “Three places to visit in Switzerland” »

Top Travel destinations: Singapore

To experience a land of diversity, one must visit Singapore. It is a small island tucked below Malaysia. Singapore is a country where you can take delight in all modern amenities and yet experience the traditions and cultures of the past. Although small, Singapore has much to offer in South East Asia. The country offers a blend of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western cultures. You can stay at its five star hotels or backpack your way by staying in smaller hotels or the YMCA. The people of Singapore are friendly and knowledgeable about the country and the world. Continue reading “Top Travel destinations: Singapore” »