12 interesting Zoos around the World

Set out for an interesting zoo, and the chances are that you will discover an interesting city or regional town.  Zoos within famous cities are perfect for when everybody needs to wind down just a little, and of course, most children love zoos.  Here are some zoos, not necessarily the biggest in the world, but definitely located in places that you might wish to visit.

Valencia Bioparc, Spain

A beautiful city, with a unique zoo, the Valencia Bioparc was designed to give visitors the illusion of having wandered into the natural habitat of the animals.  This is acheived by the use of rivers, streams and rocks to separate animals from visitors.

Valencia Bioparc

Budapest Zoo, Hungary

The oldest zoo in the beautiful city of Budapest, the zoo is located next to an amusement park and near to one of the most famous thermal pools in the world.

Budapest Zoo

Berlin Zoological Gardens, Germany

Quite simply a zoo of mammoth proportions.  Here you will find over 18,000 animals from around the world.  There is a giant panda domiciled here too.

Berlin Zoological Gardens

Prague Zoological Gardens, Czech Republic

With over 4,000 animals, this is a popular zoo in a beautiful city.

prague zoo

The Bronx Zoo, New York, USA

A zoo in a great city.  Perhaps visiting a zoo isn’t the first thing on people’s minds when they think of New York, but there are around 4,000 animals here and it remains a popular tourist attraction.

Bronx Zoo

Toronto Zoo, Canada

Another zoo in an interesting city, the Toronto Zoo has attempted to provide its 5,000 animals with as much space as possible.

Toronto Zoo

The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa

In a country where it’s possible to go on safari, a more relaxing and time-saving option might be to visit this zoo where you can find around 9,000 animals.

National Zoological Gardens of South Africa Pretoria

Nyíregyháza Zoo, Hungary

Set in a forest, and with a nearby pool and spa facilities, the Nyíregyháza Zoo presents its animals in different ‘continents’ and provides visitors with ample relaxation opportunities.

Nyíregyháza Zoo

Beijing Zoo, China

Not the largest zoo in the world, but still worth a visit.  The zoo has devoted time and effort to breeding some rare animals.  Consequently, there is a rich variety of animals to be found here.

Beijing Zoo Panda

San Diego Zoo, USA

One of the most famous zoos in the world, the zoo has done its best to eradicate the use of cages.

San Diego Zoo

London Zoo, UK

The oldest zoo in the world, here you can find around 20,000 animals.  The zoo opened in 1828, and provides a perfect day out in a very, busy city.

emperor-tamarins-London Zoo

Moscow Zoo, Russia

Always a favourite with visitors, the zoo remains one of the largest in Europe.  Here you can find around 6,000 animals.

Moscow Zoo-tiger