6 Amazing Things To Do In Thailand

Thailand is full of opportunities for entertainment and adventure. No wonder that people from all over the world travel to this place for ample of fun and relaxed time. People ensure to keep this place on the top of their checklist. Irrespective of what kind of traveler you are, Thailand has something or the other to impress you completely. When in Thailand, ensure to cover the following places and activities at Thailand. Looking for a hotel in Thailand? You can book luxury villas and cheap hotels at reservations.com at discounted rate!

Koh Samui
  • Rock climbing in Railay- this place in Krabi province is a premier spot for sport like climbing. There are various kinds of routes that fit all kinds of climbers, from beginners to professionals. You can take rent gear or travel on your own to explore the routes yourself. This place is beautiful with cliffs of limestone jutting out of water bodies and beaches of horseshoe shapes.
  • Elephant Trekking in Khao Sok – Khao Sok is a national park in Thailand. A ride on the elephants here is sure to delight you. The trained elephants can carry you easily from downhill to uphill and vice versa. The tumbling ride and the view that it provides is worth a watch. There are many bungalows in the park where you can stay and enjoy the wildlife, waterfalls and trails.

  • Meditation Course in Chang Mai – if your itinerary includes Chang Mai, then including a meditation day course on your trip to this place is strongly advised. You can also try walking on the hills or take up a cooking course. Eat the exotic vegan dishes of Thailand, try tai chi and rejuvenate and exfoliate yourself completely.

  • Cave Kayaking in Krabi – sea kayaking is very famous in Thailand. You can go for kayaking on the inland side through a river and mangrove forest. The limestone cliffs, stalactites, hieroglyphics- make kayaking a heavenly activity in Thailand.
  • Walking along the Bridge of the River Kwai – walking on the railroad sides of the river will give you a rush and thrill like never felt before.
  • Taking a Tuk Tuk downtown Bangkok – if you are visiting Thailand and not taking a ride on tuk tuk, then your journey is incomplete! A must try for a fun filled ride around the city of Bangkok.