6 Best Honeymoon destinations for Budget Travelers

Everybody is on the look out to save a few bucks here and there, and certainly marriage is no exception. Having a shoestring budget may be a necessity, but going without a great honeymoon is certainly not. There are numerous excellent locations that are among the best honeymoon spots that are as amazing as the most expensive, you can have as good a time as you would have if you had chosen more expensive destinations, even more, and the satisfaction of having saved some money is certainly a bonus.

Best Honeymoon destinations for Budget Travelers

The following list is meant to help you do just that, find the honeymoon spots that fit your budget, and have a ball. Even if you are set on watching your budget, your honeymoon will be no less gratifying. There are a good number of attractions.

1. Florida

If you are based in the United States, that’s a bundle of cash saved in airfare, if you opt for Florida. The state, which certainly deserves its nickname as “The Sunshine State”, has a huge number of destinations that will make for the perfect setting for your honeymoon. The temperatures here are warm all year round, and the ‘pristine sands and crystal clear’ beaches here welcome visitors. This is an inexpensive destination.

2. Mexico

The dollar goes a good way here in Mexico. Just a short trip south of the border, there is a great wealth in the way of culture, natural attractions and some succulent cuisine. Mexico is pretty close by, and has some excellent resorts that have some really affordable prices. The beaches here are top class, as is the charms of rural Mexico, all of which makes the package priceless.

Mexico, Cancun Lagoon
Mexico, Cancun Lagoon

3. Thailand

Thailand is among the most affordable destinations, as there are amazing deals on offer everywhere, from air fare, to lodging to food. The exotic charms of Thailand certainly make the cheap prices on offer hard to believe.


4. Jamaica

Jamaica can be a lot cheaper than you imagine. There are budget honeymoon deals galore here. You can have a Caribbean honeymoon at an affordable price.

5. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic may not count among the first places you consider as best honeymoon spots, but this is a mistake. The Dominican Republic has the best of everything in the Caribbean, at a fractional price.

Dominican Republic, Tropical sandy beach
Dominican Republic, Tropical sandy beach