A Safe Guide To Driving In Langkawi

Spending a day or two in Langkawi is the best way to get an overview of the island. You will discover authentic village life and beautiful views of the mountains and rice fields. Crossing a buffalo or cow herd here is one of the unique driving pleasures. Better yet, the price of fuel is cheap and the car rental in Langkawi is relatively cheap as well. The main roads are also surprisingly well maintained. The best thing about renting a car is that you have the freedom to explore and eat wherever you want. If you are going to travel in Langkawi, it is best that you book a car there. Read this blog post by carrentallangkawi.my on 4 Reasons to Rent a Car in Langkawi.


There are so few roads in Langkawi that visitors can easily navigate, although roads at junctions are rarely marked. Even the inhabitants do not follow the street name. They usually give directions with landmarks. For this reason, some of the free advertising cards do not even contain street names, but are full of sights.

If you get lost, do not be too shy to ask for directions. Often English-speaking locals come to help you if you search for too long on a road map. Even those who do not speak English will point you in the right direction.

If you plan to join the millions of people visiting Malaysia every year, this practical guide below can be helpful if you drive in Langkawi:


Age is definitely the most important factor you must fulfill if you want to enjoy the beauty of Langkawi. Although the minimum age for renting a vehicle in Malaysia is 21 years. In addition, a one-year driver’s license is required to rent a car. Some car rental companies may even state that the entitlement should be 25 years. Therefore, it is always best to check this before concluding the contract.


Providers also consider younger drivers according to company standards, but usually rent them at a higher price.


  • Your passport to verify your identity
  •      Your birth certificate
  • Your nationality, current address as proof
  • Valid credit card


What you should always keep in your car while moving around Langkawi

Always keep your license, insurance and registration documents when traveling to Langkawi. It’s always best to have car rentals business card in Langkawi, Malaysia. This will keep you in touch with landmarks and directions whenever you encounter difficulties exploring Langkawi Island. They are always there to guide you along the way. So if you lose your direction, you will be brought back on track. Always remember these guidelines when driving in Langkawi.

Safety guide to follow when driving in Langkawi

Listed below are some of the safety tips and guidelines to follow when driving in Langkawi

  • Try to avoid the back roads of Langkawi when driving. They are sometimes very narrow and can become very muddy and slippery after the rain.
  • Most animals, cross roads freely from open farmland on both sides of the road.
  • Do not drive at night. You will not easily find night services, and if your sight is not sharp enough you might hit this innocent animals that move around.
  • Check the car tires before renting. If the tires are bare, that is, they have no wires to hold the road, or has expired, ask for another vehicle immediately. When it rains, which is often common in Langkawi, most cars slit during a sharp turn, making it uncontrollable this happen if you rent a car that has bad tyres.
  • If you are coming from a country that drives on the right, hold a large left arrow on the dashboard, which will always remind you that you must drive here by staying on the left-hand side of the road. Be especially careful when turning or forming a circle to stay on the left side.

Note: Different parts of the Langkawi island offer different explorable experience. Before setting out to explore the island, get to know the attractions, activities, shopping, dining and nightlife of these regions before you decide to tour round the different islands available. If you just want to enjoy nature, visit the Langkawi countryside and explore some of the hidden attractions that are otherwise hard to find. There are several beautiful and remote routes to Langkawi.


Langkawi is not a single island. Although the main island (Pulau Langkawi) is the main destination for tourists, there are 98 other small islands in the Andaman Sea, which are also part of Langkawi. Few of them are inhabited and only a few have tourist attractions and are accessible by boat.


One of the best ways and safety guideline to explore and visit your vacation destinations in Langkawi is to get in the car and calculate the route using Google Map. But what if you want to visit multiple locations at your own pace, at will and without wasting your time? Does it seem to you that you claim the right to enjoy the way you want without interruption or inconvenience? If so, your right to benefit from it is to rent a car in Langkawi, which is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. Millions of nature lovers visit Malaysia every year and it is estimated that 97% will hire a car in Langkawi as a convenient means of transportation.