African Tours: Delights in Sossusvlei, Namibia

Visiting Africa has its own beauty and fills your travels with memorable pleasures and amazing delights. Come here and enjoy the simple pleasures of being in a totally different paradise and experience being closer to nature. Namib Naukluft Park in Sossusvlei is one such green expanse filling your tours with pleasures of being in a fascinating land. With the best of dunes and the most of travel charms, tours here are always filled with visual delights of seeing the entire region filled with water and the layers of clay results in the lake remaining beautiful.

Sossusvlei is a magnificent natural clay pan and is surrounded by sand dunes. It is intriguing to see the manner in which they go to heights of 300 metres at times. These dunes are thus amongst the highest in the world and sometimes when it rains the entire region of Sossusvlei is filled with water and this is a great source of visual delight.

Sossusvlei, Namibia

This place is very common among tours in Africa and is found in the southern part of the Namib Desert. The word vlei means marsh in Afrikaans. Sossusvlei is a lovely place and is a small valley between the beautiful dunes where you even see snow sometimes. Sesriem is a town, nearby with a canyon of the same name here. Huge, clean beautiful deserts here are a great form of ecosystem, have very little life living here, and are mostly found below the dunes. Namib Desert is the oldest in the world and spans over around 1500 km extending from Orange River in the south to the region of Angola in the north.

Namibia is a land of that has fascinating landscapes ranging from Rocky Mountains to massive dunes and there is a variety of sand found here. With the river Tsauchab forming the beautiful clay and sand pan that is seen flowing through the Sesriem Canyon.

Thus, Sossusvlei is indeed an enchanting tour destination worth visiting.