All-Inclusive Rhodes Holidays

My husband and I visited Rhodes a fair few years ago and had a lovely two week holiday. We went on holiday late in April and traveled back early in May. We discovered that our Rhodes holidays were perfect. We had visited at the right time as, just before we left to return home, the bars became noisy and overcrowded and the tourists flooded in. By visiting early we had lovely weather and peaceful surroundings .

What you find with Rhodes in high season is that it becomes very busy. If you love hustle, bustle and noise that will be fine for you but take heed. You will still find some peaceful resorts but pick carefully.


Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands . These Greek islands are the furthest away from the mainland and other islands. These islands are very near the Turkish coast and only united with Greece in 1948 . When we were on our holiday we would jokingly wave to Turkey from our balcony every morning . If the air was clear we would get a lovely view of the Turkish coast in the distance .Rhodes has a warm climate and some pretty scenery . There are good beaches around the island .


We flew direct from Manchester airport and landed at the airport near Paradisio . The local buses operate a good service around the island . We would take a bus to Rhodes Town and from there take a second bus to other resorts . The timetables operate quite well . Taxis are very cheap but you need to agree your fare first . Hiring cars, motorbikes or bicycles is quick and easy .


The currency of Rhodes is now the Euro .


As always the Greek locals are warm and friendly . We stayed in a small resort and found the people lovely . Whenever you went into a taverna they would give you something extra at the end of the meal . A drink or a dessert . I know it’s to get you to return , but we even found once they knew us , they would call to us and offer us things as we were passing . Easter had passed in England when we went to Rhodes but it was their Easter whilst we were there . On a boat trip one day a local lady ,who could speak no English ,gave us a painted boiled egg each and another gave us Easter biscuits . This is a local custom .

The locals usually speak English and German well but it’s good manners to maybe say one or two Greek words if you can .


Food is typically Greek with European available if you prefer . They do sell a mean Gyro in Rhodes town market . This is a pitta bread with kebab meat and salad and a gorgeous dressing . I think the dressing is a light flavored Tsatsiki but I am not sure . Whatever it is it’s tasty and a good price .