Amusing San Simeon State Park

San Simeon State park is one of the oldest parts of the California State Park System. Coastal authorities and promontories of the scenic park give continuous views of the rocky shores and the lovely ocean strips. The Park not only includes the Santa Rosa Creek Natural Preserve but also the Pa-nu Cultural Preserve. Both these were established in the year 1990.

San Simeon State Park

There is a 3.3 mile trail that runs through some parts of the San Simeon Natural Preserve and the Washburn Campground. This is a lovely scenic trail and overlooks some of the best stretches of land. The interpretative panels give great information on the habitat and wildlife of the area. There is a part of the trail, which is easily accessible along the seasonal wetland.

Then there is Santa Rosa Creek Preserve is a region, which is inclusive of riparian forests and coastal wetlands. This provides a habitat for the endangered Tidewater Goby. San Simeon Natural Preserve has many undisturbed native plant communities, which is inclusive of the mima mound topography. The Preserve also is a great wintering site for fascinating butterfly population.

The 13.7 acre Pa-nu Cultural Preserve has some great archaeological site within the San Simeon State park. This is a site that dates back to more than 5000 years back. Today it has considerable evidence, which documents technology of the prehistoric kind.

Situated around 35 miles north of  beautiful San Luis Obispo this is a lovely place to visit in this part of North America. The San Simeon Campground has beautiful 115 campsites, which give ideal tents for camping and provide convenient recreational vehicles. These RVs as they are called are convenient ways of travelling here. There are many gas stations and grocery stores which offer the best and the most interesting facilities. Restrooms with flush toilets are also provided which can be used with a coin.

Visit beautiful North America and enjoy the tours to San Simeon State park.