Assam Unleashed – Tap to Bihu tune

If you are ever touring north eastern part in India, then you should spend some time in understanding the culture of this place and the traditional ways of people here. India is a country having plenty of festivals and all the Indians celebrate it in a grand way. There is a lot of preparation before every festival and the enthusiasm amongst people is really surprising. Visit one of the festivals here – you will see plenty of enjoyment, laughter, fun, etc.

Assam has a festival called Bihu. This occasion surpasses all the barriers that might exist between the people here. Assamese belong to humble roots and they are pretty modest too. These festivals have a lot of honesty and truth in them. Their nature is free and their attitude is uninhibited and hence you get to see plenty of celebrations. There are three Bihus observed by the Assamese people.


Bihu word belongs to Dimasa kachari origin. They are a group of tribes in Assam who have been living for a long time here. People from all faith, religion, and castes join in their beliefs for celebrating the Bihu festival. Scenic Assamese beauty doesn’t need any introduction and you will be spell bound by t he splendid hills and the beautiful valleys along with the melodious Bihu festival.

Bohag Bihu is celebrated in April, Kati Bihu in the month of November and October, and Magh Bihu is celebrated in January.

The festival of Bihu is celebrated for good farming. Paddy growth gets acknowledgement and the local people here thank gods for his blessings. Sowing of the seeds is celebrated along with Rongali Bihu and the saplings transplantation along with Kati Bihu and harvest period is celebrated along with Magh Bihu.
Bohag Bihu festival is celebrated during April and in January, the people here celebrated Magh Bihu. Kati Bihu takes place in October. These 3 festivals represent the 3 different seasons – spring, autumn, and winter.

These festivals are celebrated all over the region and the co-operation and unity of the people is indeed amazing.

However, it is disappointing to see that the festivals here are getting commercialized; Assam people are conducting these festivals on a larger scale every time. But it is good to see that the people still continue the tradition of paying obeisance to god, which was the main reason why the fest was started in the first place. Bihu isn’t complete without Bihu dance and Bihu songs. The folk here play some really catchy tunes and the lovely dance steps encourage everyone to join dancing. General camaraderie gets sprinkled everywhere with reverence which is unmistakable and atmospheric becomes electric.
This festival was started by Dimasa Kachari and it quickly became popular all over. Brai Shibraj is the god of agrarian group. Bi means asking and Shu stands for peach and prosperity. Bishu slowly evolved in to Bihu over a period of time.

Festivals are occasions for celebrating together and for feeling happy. It is a festival which brings all the local people together.