Attractions in Philippines, the Visayas

Welcome to the land of 7107 islands! This is where the low tide always forms one more island increasing the number to 7108. With these many number of islands, you can imagine the range of attractions in Philippines that are sure to keep you engaged for many days. So, take time and come to explore the attractions in Philippines, which have spread across the islands. Boasting the total coastline even longer than the USA, it is possible for you to try out all the possible water sports in its warm tropical waters such as swimming, diving, and snorkeling to get closer to its coral gardens full of beautiful marine life and to see the drop-offs on the sea floor. Talking about the attractions on land, you can explore the rich history and traditions of the Filipino people and the modern cities. In this trip, I planned to explore the Visayas group of island.


The Visayas are accessible from Luzon or Mindanao offering the key islands namely, Cebu, Negros, Panay, Leyte, and Samar. The last one is known as the islet first discovered in the 16th century by Mr. Ferdinand Magellan, a Spanish voyager and as the point where the American liberation forces landed in the 20th century. Do travel from Samar to Leyte via the longest bridge called San Juanico in the archipelago.

The Cebu city is among the top attractions in Philippines and is also the principal resort here. This is the second city of the nation and that it holds the maximum population of the archipelago as well as an international harbor. Sights of interest here are the Magellan’s Wooden Cross installed by him before 450 years to mark the baptism of Rajah Humabon along with his consort as well as 800 supporters and Fort San Pedro that is the most ancient and the smallest Spanish citadel in Philippines made in 1565. Do explore the Carcar town located to the south of the Cebu city where you will marvel at its preserved Castillian dwellings, churches, and gardens.

In the Mandaue town, the Chapel of the Last Supper is where you must see the hand-carved idols of Jesus as well as his apostles belonging to the Spanish era. On the Mactan Island, the Magellan Monument is a historic site since 1886 that commemorates the site of Magellan death via the hands of the violent tribal chief namely, Datu Lapu-Lapu, the man who never desired to fall in the hands of the Spanish defeaters. Also, check out for monument dedicated to Datu Lapu-Lapu, the first nationalist. If you are a music fan, Maribago is a must to visit among the attractions in Philippines, which boasts the guitar-making business. And yes, there are several historical sites, famous beach clubs, hotels, and resorts.

Accessible by air, in Panay, Iloilo is a farming land cultivating vegetables, coffee, root crops, cocoa, and many fruits. The major places of interest are the beach resorts and the Miagao Church of the 18th century that is a unique Baroque grand design whose facade is adorned with the impact of papaya as well as coconut trees. From here, the Sicogon Island is for those who are interested in scuba diving. Further, for nature lovers, there are virgin forests as well as mountains to discover. Do also visit the Boracay Island that is no less than a paradise. Reach here by air through Kalibo and then by a jeep or bus to Malay followed via a pump boat or ferry to Caticlan. It is said that its superb white-sand beach is one of the ideal on the planet.

Accessible from the Cebu’s straits is the Bohol Island that is the home of the most fabulous natural wonders. Check out for the Chocolate Hills that are a series of hills of limestone soaring 100 feet high, which look like jumbo chocolate drops. Occupied by slim grass that becomes brown due to the summer daylight, the mountains form a bizarre sight at 55 km northeast of the capital city Tagbilaran. Also, expect some wonderful white sand beaches; pretty isolated coves; shopping of local handicrafts such as hats, grass mats, and baskets; and the Baclayon Church as the most ancient stone church of the nation, which came into existence in 1595. You can reach here either by ferry or plane. Via air, it is a journey of 40 minutes to reach Tagbilaran from Cebu; while ferries take much longer time, which you can catch from Cebu.