Bali surfing

When it comes selecting the most exciting holiday destinations, most of us would like to visit seaside islands. Often such islands present a whole bunch of soothing options, including, absorbing scenic beauties, exciting surfing sports, healthy environment and above all much sought after mental peace. Among the major island countries across the world, Indonesia definitely is a cut above the rest. The country is essentially made up of a group of several islands and among these there is Bali; a spectacularly beautiful island that is counted as one of finest tourist destinations in the world.

Bali is very popular among the sea surfers, and since 1930, when it’s challenging Kuta’s waves were first mastered by surfers, the island has emerged as one of the most favorite surfing spots in world. Its tropical climate plays a vital role in making the place hot for the surfers, and the surfing boards go on throughout the year in their endeavor to conquer the waves. Its diverse surfing conditions offer pleasurable environment for both amateurs and veteran sea surfers. With its thrilling lagoons, reef breaks and beach breaks, it assures a great time for the surfers of any level.

Surfboards for hire on Kuta Beach, Bali

Bali has turned out to be a suitable place to learn the surfing sport. A number of surfing schools are hopping around in the island to take maximum benefit out of the adequate environments. Owing to its remarkable conditions, a full-fledged surfing industry has flourished in Bali, and you will find complete surfing gear for ensuring a seamless surfing experience herein.

Though the climate remains quite favorable for surfing throughout the year, a visit in the month of July offers the most enthralling surfing experience. During this month, the sky remains clear, the water is cool and the western part of the island receives most favorable trade winds with absolutely no hints of stormy weather. However, during December to March, the direction of wind reverses, resulting in rainy weather and the eastern part of the island gets the favor of winds.

The unique geography of Bali makes it an apt surfing destination in all seasons, as the small island presents almost all types of surfing conditions to surfers. For instance, after enjoying the thrill of reef breaks in Uluwatu, you can drive to Dreamland for an entirely different surfing condition. The island enjoys a unique location in southern part of Indian Ocean, which receives swells all through the year, making it a perfect surfing spot even during the time the surfing season is not on elsewhere.

Bali is divided into a number of diverse beaches offering characteristic surfing conditions. Among its most notable beaches, Medewi beach, Kuta, and Dreamland, truly deserve a visit for their scenic charms. With a number of restaurants and hotels lined along the beach, Medewi beach present appropriate conditions for novice surfers. The conditions stay calm and friendly between April and October. Kuta enjoys the position of most preferred surfing beach in Bali. The beach offers pleasant conditions for surfing newbies, as it has many surfing schools to guide beginners. The environment remains encouraging for surfing all round the year.