Barbados Vacation Rentals

Staying in Barbados for 2-3 days will never be enough to explore the whole island and enjoy the activity in store for you. Barbados has more than one hundred reasons to keep their guests stay longer. If you are contemplating on having a great vacation escapade of a lifetime the Barbados vacation rentals are the answer to your concerns of getting a nice place at the most affordable price.

Barbados vacation rentals will lead you to the best deals anyone can ever get in the island. Experience the warmth of the hospitality of the people, enjoy the beautiful environs and the relaxing ambiance, and relish the fantastic activities await you. Barbados vacation rentals have so much to offer to all the guests in the island. Each of the Barbados vacation rentals is cooking up something great to delight every tourist that comes with every accommodation arrangement. Truly one can never get enough in Barbados in experiencing the best of the both worlds.

Barbados Vacation Rentals

One of the Barbados vacation rentals that guests in the island can choose from is the Villa Creole. It is offering a special package to those who want to feel the exhilarating ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007. Guests who will be coming to Barbados for the international cricket tourney will get the opportunity to taste the world-class treatment that the guests of the World Golf Championships-Barbados World Cup 2006 experienced.

The amenities in Villa Creole include fully equipped air-conditioned bedrooms, however there are also fan rooms available. Huge pillows are provided, and if necessary additional pillows are also available. Each villa is also equipped with a kitchen, dining room, living room, and terrace that will give the guest a full panoramic view of the resort. For those guests who want to enjoy the privacy of the villa, the living room is equipped with an entertainment system. The guests can choose from CD or radio, however a 24-hour ready satellite television is available.

Each villa has its own telephone system, while the kitchen is also complete with the all the necessary utensils and equipment like the five-burner stove, coffee maker, toaster, microwave, oven, freezer, cutlery, and crockery. Barbeque grill is also available for families that feel like having a picnic outside the villa. Since security including water safety is the operators top most concern, it provides safe potable water for each villa on top of the available vault box and security lights. For added tropical ambiance a floral arrangement is always available everyday. For 2007 the rate of each villa from 15th of April to 15th of December is about US$ 300 or BDS$600 per night.

Come and visit Barbados and discover for yourself what the island can offer. Barbados will never stop to enchant from the moment you first step on the island that you will certainly decide not to go home just yet.