Beach Destinations in South America

Rio De Janeiro is a fascinating destination in South America. A greatly peaceful region, the Ilha Grande is a lovely paradise here lying just an hour away from Rio. Vehicles are banned here and tourists love to hike across the island and spend hours lolling on the golden sands. Dois Rios is a beautiful beach here, which is usually reached by foot.

Then there is Boipeba in Bahia, which is another lovely area with palm trees lining the beaches and the serene ambience dominating the visual sights. This small island is a beautiful place to be in and the simple delights of enjoying the chirping of birds and purring of speedboat engines is something to be experienced to be believed. People take a ferry either from Morro de Sao Paulo or fly down to the island from Salvador. Many pousadas and restaurants here add to the comforts of travelling.

Copacabana beaches

Visit Trinidad in the state of Rio De Janeiro, travel down around four and a half hours, and experience the pleasures of the beach here, which is a great combination of green forests and the blue sea. Not a very crowded area, this is a total delight filled with natural pools and waterfalls. There is an interesting “rock that swallows” here which is another major attraction.  Tours here are greatly filled with fascinating natural delights.

The Palmas and Pouso beaches at Ilha Grande are two fascinating deserted beaches in the eastern part of the island. These beaches are again accessible only by foot through a signposted path, which begins at the eastern portion of the Abraao beach. As you walk past the virgin jungle ambience, it is a memorable experience for all who come here.

With so much in tow, South America surely is a lovely beach destination in this part of the world.