Beginners Guide to Scotland

Scotland is the most northern country of the United Kingdom and is a country of great beauty. There are high glens and historic attractions, great hotels, and great activities. The capital city of Edinburgh is one of the most visited in Europe and has a wonderful cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Scotland’s Great Attractions

Scotland has some of the UK’s most famous attractions from historic sites such as Edinburgh Castle to Britain’s highest mountain in Ben Nevis.

The region has an incredible beauty especially as you venture towards the Highlands. Sports enthuasiasts flock to the region for activities such as rock climbing and hill walking as well skiing and sailing.

The country has a large number of Loch’s that are terriffic for watersports and of course harbour some very famous inhabitants if the stories are to be believed!

Scotland, a cosmopolitan 21st century destination

There’s lot’s of great regions to visit in Scotland from the larger cities in the south, such as Edinburgh and Glasgow, to the main cities in the north of Aberdeen and Inverness.

Edinburgh is a truly beautiful city and attractions such as the Royal Mile draw thousands of visitors each year.

A Great Place to Get Away

One of the strongest features of Scotland is how quickly you can be away in the country and feel truly at peace. The countryside has a great beauty with rolling mountains and hidden loch’s just begging to be explored.

Self catering holidays are obviously a very popular choice in some of the more remote areas and it’s easy to find a host of beautiful parks and cottages.

Chris loves visiting Scotland and does so whenever the opportunity arises. The country offers a real diversity of attractions ensuring he never gets bored when he’s there.