Best Neighborhoods to live in East York

Are you considering moving to East York but are not sure which neighborhood suits you most? If that’s the case, worry not, as we are here to come to the rescue with our mini-guide, designed to educate you about some of the top neighborhoods in East York for condo living. By the time you are done reading this, you will feel more confident and knowledgeable about the condo market in East York.

But before we get into the specific neighborhoods and condos in East York, know that this is Canada’s last Borough and a popular community. The locals over there are very passionate about it and its history. It is a diverse and large community built on understanding and acceptance.

Here are the neighborhoods that are considered best for condo living in East York:


This neighborhood is situated northeast of Downtown Toronto and got its name from the Lea family at the beginning of the 19th century. Today it is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Toronto in which most of its residents belong to the upper-middle-class. To put things in a better perspective, the median income per household is $129,930. As expected, that little selection of condos in Leaside is far from cheap or affordable. However, all the new buildings are modern and feature almost all amenities for urban living.

Leaside condos for sale

Pape Village

Pape Village is a thriving neighborhood located between Gamble Avenue and Mortimer Avenue. This is a family-friendly community with an urban flair and part of an area known as Old East York. O’Connor and Pape Avenue are the main arteries of the neighborhood. Then there are the casual restaurants, the small coffee shops, the many small businesses that serve the area. All that only makes Pape Village unique and a place that radiates with its vibe. There is a decent selection of condos in Pape Village in various floor plans at affordable rates.

Pape Village condos for sale

East Danford

This neighborhood is also known as Danforth Village and is situated in the old city of Toronto. This is one of the fastest-growing communities with excellent shopping and dining places. The fact that it is quite close to the downtown center only increased its overall appeal. There are brand new condos in newly made, modern buildings featuring all sorts of amenities. Then there are those located in older buildings with fewer of those. However, fewer amenities mean a more affordable price which is good news for some folks. There is a lot to choose from as demand slowed down a bit during last year in terms of floor plans. In terms of connectivity, drivers have easy access to the rest of the city via the Don Valley Parkway. In contrast, those in favor of public transport have at their disposal both Main Station and Woodbine TCC Station. Then there is the Danford Go Station that is a 10- minute walk from pretty much every part of this neighborhood.

East Danford condos for sale

Crescent Town

This neighborhood is a diverse community located somewhat east of Old East York. Most of the population includes Bengali, Tamil, Bangladesh, Pakistani, and Jamaican Canadians. Thanks to that there is a wide selection of restaurants serving food from all those cuisines. In addition to that, there are many small businesses and retail shops in the area. Those interested in buying a condo in Crescent Town should know that they can expect a mix of mid-rise and highrise condos. Condo prices dropped during last year, but this year they seem stable, and growth is expected in the second part of 2021.

crescent town condos for sale