Best Places to Buy a Condo in Mississauga

If you are out and about in Canada, seeking to buy a condo or other related property, you would be doing no wrong checking out Mississauga. A significant sized city along Lake Ontario shores, Mississauga is home to some nice condo with a lot of value for money, whether it’s long-term or short-term. Below is a list of areas, streets, and districts where you would find Mississauga condos for sale:

Square One District Condos

Burnhamthorpe & Hurontario

You can check condos in Hurontario & Burnhamthorpe on your next hunt for a condo property in Mississauga. Some units include Crystal Condos 55 and 75 in Eglinton Avenue. They measure 28 stories and 24 stories apiece. The first features suites that measure up to 778 sq ft., a storage unit, and a parking lot. You can purchase a condo unit at $439 for each sq. ft. and maintain a condo fee of $0.48 per sq ft. per month.

On the other hand, the second Crystal condo stands 24 stories high, with a total of 212 suites. You can also expect between 572 and 890 sq. ft. from some of the smaller rooms. There are larger penthouse suites as well, measuring up to 1,764 sq. ft. Complete with such amenities as a library, business centers, and terraces, you can have yourself one of Mississauga’s best condos along Hurontario Rd and Eglinton Rd.

Hurontario Condos for sale

Square One

The Square One area in downtown Mississauga is home to some delectable condos you can check out. For example, the 3880 and 3888 Duke of York condos are in high demand, and for good reasons. Otherwise known as Ovation 1 and 2, both condos tower over the Celebration Square and come with standard and large suites. Typically, the standard units measure within 1,700 sq. ft. The large one goes upwards of 3000 sq. ft. Some of the peculiarities of the condos include balconies and optional dens as well.

Square One District condos for sale

It doesn’t matter which condos in Square One you settle for; you get some breathtaking views. On one side of the Celebration Square, you get the morning sunshine and the lakeside on another side.

One other impressive condo in the Square One area is the Grand Park Condo, boasting up to 300 units on its 27 floors. The construction is situated at Grand Park drive, near places of interest such as the YMCA and Sheridan College.

The condominium offers the most modern styling and space in the business, with standard amenities such as guest suites and a 24-hour concierge service. You also get a pet-friendly living area as a plus, and conveniences such as an ice rink, golf course, and then some. The Grand Park Condo has a peculiar location in Square One, away from the area’s boisterous core. It still keeps much of the accessibility to make it a good value.

Combining all these features makes Square One an impressive location for getting Mississauga condos for sale.

Kingsbridge Garden Circle

The Kingsbridge Garden Circle exists close to Square One area in Mississauga and is one of the condos’ allure there, right off the bat. The twin tower-styled condos are also referred to as The Mansion and have a North and South tower section. You get to enjoy substantial security and luxury features such as luxury upgrades and a reserve fund. You have up to 2,250 sq. ft. for the larger suites with excellent floor sections that would appeal to young and older people alike.

kingsbridge garden circle condos for sale

Highlight features of the 55 Kingsbridge Garden Circle condos include hot tubs, sauna, fitness room, indoor pool, and a barbecue area. Older people would also find senior conveniences like BBQ sessions, casino trips, and other get-togethers on the towers. Finally, the monthly charges you’d drop on the condos sufficiently covers air-conditioning, cable TV, water, and round-the-clock security.

Mississauga City Center

At the heart of the city, Mississauga City Center does have some on-demand condos up for grabs. The Chicago Condos is one fine example of some of the best condos you can find around the area, boasting some bespoke architecture and functional amenities. Situated down the Prince of Wales Drive, Chicago Condos began operations in 2010 after completion: it measures 36 stories tall, heavily drawing inspirations from the Chicago School of Architecture.

Mississauga City Center condos for sale

It nestles between other condominiums, such as the Limelight Condos and One Park Tower Condos. There is floor space of approximately 17,000 sq. ft. on the inside, including secondary units such as media rooms and BBQ areas. You also get the luxury bits, including an around-the-clock concierge and a dedicated resident service director.


You can get excellent Condominiums within the Fairview neighborhood, an example being M4 Condos. Built along Redmond road, the M4 Condos offer a standard 500 sq. ft. of floor area, with options to go up to 1000 sq. ft. It is a residential condominium with 67 stories and over 900 units. However, it is not operational yet, with unit sales continuing up to 2025.

fairview condos for sale

Pricing begins at $400, and you can take out around a $1500-per-month mortgage on specified units in the M4 Condos. Appliances in the bedroom and kitchen area have modern touches, with standard amenities elsewhere around the building. Another advantage to the M4 condo is the fast growth rate of the neighborhood in which it stands. It makes immense economic sense to purchase at the early stages of demand. Also, there is ample access to public transportation, the Celebration Centre, and places of interest around Mississauga City from the condominium.


Mississauga area in Ontario, Canada, has some excellent condos you can consider. You should consider some variables when you decide to pick a location for a condo unit in Mississauga. These variables include proximity to key landmarks such as the Celebration Centre, Sheridan College, and the YMCA. Other buyers would appreciate the lakeshore view or the cityscapes as well. You can go through several location options, as mentioned above, as some of the best places to purchase a Mississauga condo on the market at the moment.