Best Caribbean All Inclusive Resorts: Resorts for Singles in Jamaica

Jamaica has long been a playground for people wanting to have a good time and get away from the pressures of living in the city.

There are a lot of resorts, not necessarily all inclusive resorts in Caribbean that cater to an all-adult crowd in Jamaica. The Hedonism has 2 resorts located in Negril and in Runway Bay and both resort locations have restaurants, bars and activities dedicated to pleasure the senses.

There is entertainment scheduled nightly for the guests and some places of the hotel are clothing-optional. Single guests might also be required to share a room with an assigned roommate to lower down the cost of the stay. Although not all, there are still a lot of all inclusive resorts in Caribbean on to enjoy.

Although not technically one of the all inclusive resorts in Caribbean, you can opt to have an all-inclusive rate at the Royal Plantation Spa and Golf Resort. This hotel offers a personalized service to all adult guests who prefer to stay here. There is a caviar and champagne bar as well as spa services, several outdoor activities and water sports that guests will surely enjoy.

Another resort to check out is the newly opened Secrets Wild Orchid in Montego Bay, which is an all-suite resort where some of the rooms open out to the pool. There is a full-service spa and 24 hour room service aside from the usual water sports and outdoor activities. Most of the resorts that cater to an all-adults crowd are not all-inclusive but will offer all-inclusive rates to guests who requests for it. Check this article!

If you’re single and looking for a place to party, consider Jamaica that has some of the best all inclusive resorts in Caribbean.