Best time of year to visit Orlando, Florida

Mid to Late November is less crowded and the weather not so hot and unpredictable, making it near perfect for visiting Orlando. I say near perfect because kids are generally in school and will have to miss a couple days. Of course most kids will fight you on missing school just to go to Florida, they always do. However, be firm if you want to take advantage of the 70ish degree days and 60 degree nights.

During November, temperatures are in the mid 70’s to low eighties. Warm enough for a glowing golden tan rather than the blistering, peeling sunburn of some months. I’ve suffered a Florida sunburn in the heat of a July. Not only did I peel, I bled. I was uncomfortable and sick for days, stealing precious vacation time.

Adding to the near perfect November time frame, hotel and resort rates are lower and rooms generaly abundent. Holiday themed events usually start in November at the Theme Parks, which I might add tend to be uncrowded during November. MGM’s Christmas light show is unbelievable with five million plus light flashing to holiday music. It even snows throughout the streets. Epcot and the Magic Kingdom are festive as well. Christmas in Florida always puts this New Englander in the Holiday spirit.

We take the whole family every November. I’ve tried February and April and found the months way too crowded and too costly. May, June, July, August and September are too hot for comfort and fun. Those months are also more crowded despite Orlando’s daily rain and lightning storms. Another reason to avoid certain months, Florida is more expensive during the summer months than during winter. Go Figure. Airline flights cost you big during school vacations. Which, with the economy being so tight, and extra money being nonexsistant, I will pull the kids out of school for a couple days to vacation. I have saved thousands and the kids still get A’s.

During December and January, I want the Family home for the Holidays, not to mention I’m still broke from Christmas shopping, so refuse to travel during those months.

I noticed years ago while researching Florida, the week after and week before Thanksgiving break are best. Most airlines, as well as Amtrak lower transportation rates due to a slow period. Car rentals and hotels do the same, making it a great time of year to travel and enjoy Orlando.

I confess to keeping the kids out of school a couple extra days during past couple Novembers. I make sure they bring homework so I don’t get consumed with guilt. We actually have fun doing the homework as a family while sitting by the uncrowded pool after a day in the uncrowded parks.

Through the years I have been upfront and honest with the kid’s teachers, explaining my three C’s for choosing November. It’s Cooler, less Crowded, and the Cost is great. I found it best to tell the truth about our November trips to Florida since it is hard to hide a winter tan when you live in Maine.

Funny thing about this past November, the School Principal, his wife, a former teacher to my kids, and their four children stayed in the same Disney Resort as we did. Since school was in session, I figured they were saving a few bucks while enjoying some family-time. November in Orlando is uncrowded bliss to me.