Caribbean Scuba Diving Vacations

Looking to partake in the warm, clear waters of a Caribbean scuba diving vacation? The warm tropical salt waters, year round warm weather and beautiful white sandy shores of the Caribbean a perfect vacation destination any time of the year for scuba diving. There are over 30 possible destinations for you to choose from and every one of them has wonderful year round scuba diving available. The main difference between all the choices is if you want to experience the vacation with lots of other tourists or do you prefer to skip out on the tourist attractions and go for more of the local resident feel.

Caribbean Scuba Diving

One of the lesser known Caribbean scuba diving vacation destination is a beautiful island called Belize. With gorgeous hot, white sandy beaches plus plenty of historical attractions, make this destination very memorable. Most of the scuba diving in Belize, other then the southern shores, is not deep; but with the stunning coral reefs, most divers do not mind the shallow waters.

A once spectacular Caribbean scuba diving vacation destination is the island of Montserrat. Sadly in 1996 an inactive volcano that is situated on the island became active again and devastated many scuba diving locations along with the main town including homes, hotels and attractions. It is not fully understood how much damage occurred to the coral reef and in fact local residents claim the volcano has not affected the diving nearly as much as is rumored and besides when will you ever get an opportunity to witness an active volcano from a safe distance like you can in Montserrat.

Caribbean Scuba Diving

Another incredible Caribbean scuba diving vacation is the British Virgin Islands. Made up of a group of smaller islands, these islands are very popular tourist destinations. Scuba divers can take advantage of amazing caves, sinkholes, canyons and ledges. Probably the most visited dive sites in the British Virgin Islands is the Painted Walls where you will experience all the wondrous colors of the rainbow while you dive. If Wreck Diving is your preference then the R.M.S. Rhone is available to you as well.

Nevis, due to a lack of tourist promotion is a largely unknown Caribbean scuba diving vacation spot, with plenty of fascinating scuba dive sites stretched along the east of Nevis to the west end of St. Kitts. You really must plan to travel around the entire island to appreciate the complete assortment of sites accessible. There are plenty of both inshore and offshore diving with an astonishing natural coral reef that is home to numerous species of corals and some amazing sea life such as sea turns maybe even some sleeping turtles.

Obviously there are dozens of other islands to discover during a Caribbean scuba diving vacation, so enjoy trying to decide on the destination for you.