Carova Beach

North America is filled with some of the best beaches and gives the most fascinating travel delights. Carova is beautiful beach area which has no paved roads, and this makes the visits even more exciting. The seaside and the entire region is a paradise in itself and there is lot of quiet and calm here. With wide beaches, dunes and good surfing facilities, the Atlantic coastline has many travel experiences to offer. The wildlife here is also a great kind of attraction for all those who come to this little heaven. Bird watchers love to come here and experience the simple pleasures of being in a great bird locale. The well equipped accommodations make travels here, very convenient.

Carova is a small community in the Currituck County and lies in the extreme north eastern corner of North Carolina. There are other settlements like Virginia, North Carolina, etc. These are regions in and around this beach. The fact that they are not connected to this pristine land makes this secluded spot a great travel experience.


This intriguing community gets its name from a combined effect of Carolina and Virginia as it lies on the coastal regions of North Carolina Virginia State Line. So this is actually the northernmost part of the Outer Bank communities here.

Major important sights are the banker horses, which are found roaming freely here. The beach does not have many restaurants and shops, so those who are ready for more than the normal can come here and enjoy the simple pleasures of being in a fascinating beach land.


There is something very intriguing here as the vehicles move along a very uneven road thus making tours here very exciting and memorable.

Come to the lovely land of Carova beach in tours to North America and go back with fond memories.