Condos for Rent in Phnom Penh: Neighborhoods to Choose

Phnom Penh’s landscape is changing with the speed of light. The number of new residential buildings and homes is expanding each year, and there is no sign of slowing down. Thanks to this massive expansion there are all types of condos for rent in Phnom Penh. Here are some of the most popular neighborhoods for renting a condo in the city of Phnom Penh.

Beoung Keng Kang 1 (BKK1)

BKK is located in the ChamkaChrmon district. The area is one of the most popular in the city and at the same time quite populated one. As a result, real estate prices are quite higher. Almost all the older villas and houses were torn out and replaced with new, high-end condos, shops, restaurants, hotels, and bars. Most of the condos in BKK are high-end, and prices are reasonable to only with deep pockets.

Phnom Penh condos for rent

Toul Tom Poung

This neighborhood is also known as the Russian Market and is filled with shops and sellers. However, there are also a few buildings where you can rent a condo. The condos are made in western style and are relatively cheap to rent.  It is a dynamic neighboorhood where you can get anything you like and is all day long filled with tourists. The area is situated in the southern part of the city and it just 15 minutes from Riverside.

Phnom Penh condos for rent


The number of new condos in the Riverside area has doubled in the last few years, with more on the way. At the same time, renting prices have almost doubled as well. Nearly all apartments are in western style and are made for wealthy clients. The most exclusive ones are placed on the waterfront and have the best view in the entire city. They also have a reputation for the best restaurants, the best coffees, the best stores, and so on. Again, of course, that means prices of living there are highest.


These are two very quiet areas where you can find excellent condos for reasonable prices. Most of the small business owners that operate there speak English and are foreigner-friendly. What’s also common for the two areas is that many families enjoy living there, both locals and foreigners. There are both brand new condos, as well as older ones that can be rented.

Phnom Penh condos for rent

Tonle Bassac

This neighborhood is situated in the Chamkar Mon district, along the Bassac River. It is a charismatic and gritty area with a very popular hipster street. There are plenty of bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels. The area is mainly populated with young folks that are searching for great nightlife and other types of entertainment. Currently, there is a lot of real estate development in the area. Some of the planned developments include Di Riviera, The Peak, The Bridge, a $2 billion shopping center, Habitat Condominium, and so on. Tonle Bassac is also home to the well-known Phsar Market.

Now, that you are aware of your options, rent your condo today.