Essential Tips when planning a stag weekend in Birmingham

England’s second largest city, home of Black Sabbath and the Balti Curry, Birmingham has undergone an extravagant regeneration scheme, reinventing itself as a vibrant and cultural UK hotspot. The city also plays host to the annual Birmingham Chilli Festival, where visitors are challenged to take part in a chilli-eating competition. As well as this, Birmingham additionally benefits from excellent transport links to the rest of the UK, making it the perfect city in which to organise a stag do to remember.

Birmingham offers an array of activities for all tastes; from daytime fun stuff like paintballing or Zorbing at Ballistic paint balling, to evening entertainment like clubbing or having a flutter at the Grosvenor Casino in Birmingham. Whatever you get up to, it’s reasonably easy to choose a selection of fun activities to shape your day. However, it takes a keener eye to choose the most appropriate and popular activities among your group for which you will need to put in some legwork first. You’ll need to spend a bit of time appreciating some of the key considerations that make a difference between a filler activity and a memorable and quite possibly legendary adventure! It’s your responsibility as the best man to take into account the groom’s preferences and make it work for the rest of the lads who are counting on you to provide them with an awesome weekend.

Birmingham water canal network
Birmingham water canal network

As a brilliant best man, these factors cannot be overlooked. You are ultimately responsible for the enjoyment of all who are attending. Do not take this lightly. Don’t take chances, prepare well and the rewards of a truly memorable weekend are close at hand. Here are some things to consider when planning your stag weekend in Birmingham.

  • Who is in the group and how well do they know each other?
  • What are the ages of the people in the group
  • Plans for fancy dress/humiliation of the stag!
  • Do you need to allow for any physical considerations of any group members
  • Have you got the means of checking weather forecasts or historical forecasts for that time of the chosen month?
  • How long will each activity take?
  • Location of activities
  • Transport between locations and hotels
  • Insurance requirements for activities. Are the activity providers insured?
  • Venue facilities for eating/drinking?
  • Transfers and parking
  • Scheduling and timing

Always be sure to organise the weekend well in advance to avoid disappointment and additionally give your group a wider selection of choices and greater flexibility with your days. See which weekends suit most people and book accordingly. You can’t please everyone and will find that a minority may have to postpone other plans or miss out.

A minimum of 2 months pre-planning is recommended. If you are not all traveling together make everyone’s plans known so they are able to contact each other to organise travelling in groups. Try starting an email chain with everybody’s addresses and get everyone chatting before the big weekend.

Try to collect all of the costs for each group member in advance especially accommodation and activity costs. You’ll be hard pressed to collect it all on a Sunday morning after the event! Most important of all: have an absolute blinder!