Exotic Travel Destination- Jurong Bird Park Singapore

Almighty has created many scenic and mind boggling beauties which no one can ever dream of. The world has many enthralling traveling destinations that make people dumbstruck and astounded. All these God’s creations are cynosure to one’ s eyes and beauty to behold. One such location is Jurong Bird Park in Singapore.

The Jurong bird park is an open park concept and makes a beautiful sight with more than 8000 birds from 600 different species in a vast area of 20.2 ha/ 50 ac. It has the tallest waterfall constructed in between the world’s largest walk in aviary. Here people from across the world can have a close picturesque view of birds flying freely from South America and Africa.

Situated in a calm and peaceful location in the western Singapore, makes people feel forget all their disturbances and worries. One can have peace of mind from their entire busy and stressful schedule.

Everyday at noon, People are given the first hand simulated experience of a thunderstorm showcasing the glorious and colorful endangered and exotic species of birds. All these special effects enthrall the people making their visit to this park memorable and once in a lifetime experience.

The bird shows organized in Falconry arena and amphitheatre is special attraction for kids and children.

One can find different types of birds and all of them are attractively named as ‘world of darkness’, ‘un flying birds’, ‘birds of paradise’ etc. People can have recreating facilities in the form of Black Canyon Coffee, Bongo Burger for snacks and burgers, Water Aviary, Bird Amphitheatre and Monorail. Water aviary is the world’s tallest man made waterfall.


People visiting Singapore must make it a point not to miss this natural beauty made even more attractive Jurong Bird Park and have a memorable experience of one’s lifetime.