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6 Best Honeymoon destinations for Budget Travelers

Everybody is on the look out to save a few bucks here and there, and certainly marriage is no exception. Having a shoestring budget may be a necessity, but going without a great honeymoon is certainly not. There are numerous excellent locations that are among the best honeymoon spots that are as amazing as the most expensive, you can have as good a time as you would have if you had chosen more expensive destinations, even more, and the satisfaction of having saved some money is certainly a bonus. Continue reading “6 Best Honeymoon destinations for Budget Travelers” »

Northeast China Travel Guide

Formerly called Manchuria, this region covers a vast, mountainous, and sparsely populated territory in the provinces of Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang. Historically, its nomads took any opportunity Chinese weakness offered to cross the Great Wall and ravage the rich lands to the south. Continue reading “Northeast China Travel Guide” »

Vietnam holidays: the Mekong Delta

A Vietnam Holiday in the Mekong Delta

A Vietnam holiday in the Mekong Delta is a trip into the heart of the country’s agricultural hub and life force. The nations rice basket, located in the southwest, is responsible for over half Vietnams total rice output and home to a vast number of farming and fishing villages. Subsequently, visiting the delta on a Vietnam holiday will expose the working lives of the rural Vietnamese and offer an insight into the inner workings of this fascinating country. Continue reading “Vietnam holidays: the Mekong Delta” »

The Simplest Way to Tour the Forbidden City in Beijing

Officially termed the Palace Museum (Gugong), the Forbidden City served for 500 years (until the end of the imperial era in 1911) as the source of all power in China, the throne of the Son of Heaven and the private residence of all the Ming and Qing dynasty emperors. Covering 74 hectares and containing some 800 individual buildings, the scale of the Forbidden City is hard to grasp, but visiting this monumental complex is an extraordinary experience. Continue reading “The Simplest Way to Tour the Forbidden City in Beijing” »

A First -Timer’s Tour of Hong Kong Island

The attractions of the island are endless. Hong Kong’s financial centre is here, along with an antiques and curios district, ferry terminals for the islands, beaches and coastal resorts, the Wanchai nightclub area, Victoria Peak (reached by a hillside tram), and some fabulous shopping, dining, and entertainment possibilities. Getting about is easy using either the bus system or the metro (known as the MTR -the Mass Transit Railway). Continue reading “A First -Timer’s Tour of Hong Kong Island” »

Top 3 Destinations in the Indian Ocean for a Luxury Honeymoon

Honeymoons are the most important holiday a couple will take in their lives. There is a wealth of exotic destinations to choose from. Below you will find the top 3 picks for the perfect luxury honeymoon. Continue reading “Top 3 Destinations in the Indian Ocean for a Luxury Honeymoon” »

Why Choose Seminyak For Your Next Bali Vacation

One of the wonders of Bali is the variety it offers, and with so many different areas to choose from it’s vital that you stay in the area most suited to you.

Seminyak has quickly become the upmarket ‘Beverley Hills’ of Bali, as it’s bursting with Western style restaurants and high-end bars as well as the best nightclubs in Bali. Although only a few kilometres from the party-central Kuta, its a world apart and more suited to families, couples, and the more casual traveller that’s looking for some style and glamour. With many boutique shops and luxury spas and, of course, it’s own beautiful beach, Seminyak is our number one choice when booking a holiday in Bali. Continue reading “Why Choose Seminyak For Your Next Bali Vacation” »

9 Reasons To Choose Bali As Your Honeymoon Destination

When trying to decide where you should go on your honeymoon there are so many places to consider! Do you want an island getaway? A relaxing spa resort or a tropical jungle adventure? Well, Bali has all of this packed into one exotic and incredibly beautiful island. Whilst Bali enjoys year round sunshine and warm weather its absolute peak season is from December to the end of January with plenty of families opting for an overseas Christmas. And while June through to August is considered the high season, it’s also important to keep in mind that sometimes the in-between seasons like March, April, and October tend to be quieter, cheaper, and perfect for honeymooners! Continue reading “9 Reasons To Choose Bali As Your Honeymoon Destination” »