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Five Most Mesmerizing Rock Formations in the World

It is a known fact that the earth is made up of 70% water and 30% land. Part of that landmass are jaw-dropping rock formations. Formed as a result of volcanic activity, the era of erosion, as well as chemical activity, have led to these wondrous sights.  We’ve put together 5 of the world’s most mesmerizing rock formations, read on to learn more about them. Continue reading “Five Most Mesmerizing Rock Formations in the World” »

Top 5 Pubs and Ruin Bars in Budapest

Budapest is a city that has it all, from amazing historical buildings to some of the best bars in that part of Europe. What’s better than a cold beer or a laid back vodka martini after touring the city all day long? To that end, we have made a list of the five best ruin bars in Budapest included in Budapest Pub Crawl. Some would argue that this or that bar should be on the list, but then each of us has our preferences. Continue reading “Top 5 Pubs and Ruin Bars in Budapest” »

Eight of the Best Historical Castles in Spain

Something is enchanting about castles, no matter how lavishly maintained they are or how derelict one has become. There is still some bit of enchantment to seeing one in person. Although Spain endured much conflict, Moorish influences are visible in the innumerable castles that dot the landscape of the country. Here’s a quick rundown of the top eight fortresses to explore. Continue reading “Eight of the Best Historical Castles in Spain” »

Where to stay in Santorini: Top 6 Santorini Hotspots to Stay At

Santorini has always been one of those picture-perfect postcard destinations that show up in many travelers’ bucket lists. Part of planning a trip to the island it is first essential to decide between accommodations in the towns along the caldera or stay at a place by the beach. Continue reading “Where to stay in Santorini: Top 6 Santorini Hotspots to Stay At” »

Four Cool Things to Do in Switzerland

Planning a holiday in Switzerland but don’t know what to do aside from visiting generic attractions? We’ve got you covered with this selection of cool and exciting activities to look into then you visit the country. Continue reading “Four Cool Things to Do in Switzerland” »

5 Must-Visit Temples in Greece

The temple was the most widespread and most important type of building in ancient Greece. Some of the first stone temples first appeared in the early 6th century before Christ. The following century they were present in almost every bigger city in ancient Greece. Continue reading “5 Must-Visit Temples in Greece” »

Visit 5 of the Best Breweries in Germany

No talk about Germany is ever complete without the mention of beer. Therefore, no trip to Germany is considered an absolute success without tasting a good local brew. One of the best ways to experience the German culture aside from hopping from one bar to the next is by taking your taste buds on a tour of Germany’s top breweries. Continue reading “Visit 5 of the Best Breweries in Germany” »

Four Of the Most Magnificent Castles in France

Europe has such a rich history, and the structures that remain today are a testament to it. Of the most popular, castles always draw in a lot of interest. Aside from the majestic architecture, the stories that survive each fortress is a mixture of history, romance, monarchy, and even perhaps a touch of legend. France alone has approximately 5,000 castles. Some of these structures are still in their glorious state, while others are sadly in a derelict condition. If your next holiday happens to be in France, here are several majestic castles to explore. Continue reading “Four Of the Most Magnificent Castles in France” »