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Allingham Arms Hotel, Donegal

The ‘Capital of Country’ the Allingham Arms Hotel is famous for its Country and Showband weekends. Situated on the seafront, just a short walk from the heart of Bundoran – famous for its live and traditional music spots, Bundoran Waterworld and Donegal Adventure Centre. Continue reading “Allingham Arms Hotel, Donegal” »

Berns Hotel, Stockholm

When arts speak of the legends unknown and when luxury seems to be the historical heritage, the holding structure of the both becomes the royal domicile of charms that are yet to be explored and reflections that are yet to be experienced. One such marvel is in the capital of Sweden and is called the Berns. Soaring as a legendary palace and gilded in stylish glory, this boutique hotel is the most admired one for its traditions, services, and entertainment. Continue reading “Berns Hotel, Stockholm” »

Rhodes Holidays: Top 3 destinations to visit in Rhodes Greece


This capital of Rhodes has lots to offer. It has a walled area of cobbled streets where there are many shops ,cafes and interesting places to visit. There is Mandraki harbor where you can fish or watch the boats. Here you see the remains of the Colossus of Rhodes. Well that’s the legend . Continue reading “Rhodes Holidays: Top 3 destinations to visit in Rhodes Greece” »

All-Inclusive Rhodes Holidays

My husband and I visited Rhodes a fair few years ago and had a lovely two week holiday. We went on holiday late in April and traveled back early in May. We discovered that our Rhodes holidays were perfect. We had visited at the right time as, just before we left to return home, the bars became noisy and overcrowded and the tourists flooded in. By visiting early we had lovely weather and peaceful surroundings .

What you find with Rhodes in high season is that it becomes very busy. If you love hustle, bustle and noise that will be fine for you but take heed. You will still find some peaceful resorts but pick carefully. Continue reading “All-Inclusive Rhodes Holidays” »

Main Tourist Attractions in Germany

Germany is the country of enormous and varied landscapes – sandy beaches, rising mountains, evergreen forests, shimmering lakes, medieval villages, and great cities are all here. Nestled at the junction of Europe, the nation has 16 states each offering its distinct attractions, local food, and alluring culture. This means that the main tourist attractions in Germany itself are in great numbers! There is no doubt that they are all diverse, which make them capable of serving to the tourists of all ages. Germany is anyways a land of dreams and a trip that is all time favorite of the visitors. Continue reading “Main Tourist Attractions in Germany” »

Natural Attractions in Majorca

Nestled in the Balearic Islands, this small Spanish island is truly a holiday paradise. Enjoy your hard-obtained vacation amidst the calm Mediterranean water and smooth seashores of Majorca. This cool destination is just ideal for all ages right from the young ones to the aged. Among all the natural attractions in Majorca, the charming seashores grab the first rank on the hot list of visit of the families, as they are always eager to be there as many times as possible. All thanks to the clear water that pull many swimmers of any age to enjoy more than expected and the wonderful sea life that ensures great snorkeling. Continue reading “Natural Attractions in Majorca” »

Places to visit in Gran Canaria

The island is often called as “a continent in miniature” and it’s not a surprise that there are a lot of interesting places to visit in Gran Canaria. Continue reading “Places to visit in Gran Canaria” »

Diving in Gran Canaria

The island’s perfect climate and warm ocean water all year round creates great opportunities to practise water sports. If you are interested in seeing marine species from Europe, Africa, the Caribbean or shipwrecks, diving in Gran Canaria is a must for you. There is a possibility to see rays, turtles, barracuda and a lot of different tropical fishes or even a shark.

Both of snorkelling and scuba diving is available in Gran Canaria. There are many diving centres on the island, where you can rent all the necessary equipment or get the lessons from an instructor. If you want to go scuba diving in Gran Canaria, one of PADI, CUC, CMAS/FEDAS or SSI certificate is needed.

These are one of the best and most popular places for diving in Gran Canaria: Continue reading “Diving in Gran Canaria” »