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7 Best Water Parks in the World in 2020

Anyone that has ever been in a water park knows why both adults and kids can’t get enough of them. If you are a kid, a waterpark feels like a revelation, much better than hanging out on the beach, or anywhere else. If you are an adult, it feels like getting back in time and connecting with your inner child. (more…)

12 interesting Zoos around the World

Set out for an interesting zoo, and the chances are that you will discover an interesting city or regional town.  Zoos within famous cities are perfect for when everybody needs to wind down just a little, and of course, most children love zoos.  Here are some zoos, not necessarily the biggest in the world, but definitely located in places that you might wish to visit. (more…)

All inclusive vacation packages for families with kids

All-inclusive vacations for the entire family can be very convenient. After paying just one price, Dad won’t have to interrupt his vacation relaxation to dig into his pocket several times a day to pay for food, entertainment, sports, snacks and other daily family needs. (more…)

Planning for a Family Vacation

When you are planning a vacation for your family, it is important to factor in the expectations and needs of everyone just to make sure that everybody gets the best out of the holiday. (more…)

The Fun and Challenges of Multigenerational Family Travel

As longevity and affluence become more abundant, excursions involving two or three generations of a family have a strong appeal. Sometimes it’s a special event, like a wedding anniversary or a 75th birthday that sets the tone; other times it can just be a desire to be together and build strong memories of good times. (more…)

Top tourist attractions in Fiji

To want to know what Fiji has in store for you and what can be done there, you got to let your imagination run wild as Fiji is as vast as your imagination. Depending upon your personality and the things that are enjoyed by you, tourism in Fiji offers you a multi-cultural tropical setting as your playground. As an example for those who want to take it easy, things to do can be as simple as sunbathing in one of the beaches or taking a tour around Sleeping giant gardens. Attractions in Fiji can be viewed by the visitors in many different ways such as Yatch or cruise by schooner to various islands encompassing the place or may be just a coach tour covering main islands. (more…)