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Five Most Mesmerizing Rock Formations in the World

It is a known fact that the earth is made up of 70% water and 30% land. Part of that landmass are jaw-dropping rock formations. Formed as a result of volcanic activity, the era of erosion, as well as chemical activity, have led to these wondrous sights.  We’ve put together 5 of the world’s most mesmerizing rock formations, read on to learn more about them. Continue reading “Five Most Mesmerizing Rock Formations in the World” »

Five Great National Parks in California Loved By All Tourists

Most tourists describe Californian National Parks with Beguiling wilderness and out of this world scenery. Each park has something distinctive, something unique to offer, from volcanic peaks, lush meadows, to some of the strangest rock formations ever seen. Then there is the huge spectrum of wildlife within their borders. Continue reading “Five Great National Parks in California Loved By All Tourists” »

Top 5 Amazing Aquariums In The World

The thing I love about aquariums is the feeling that you have stepped into another world. Surrounded by blue warmth, dazzling colours and rarely glimpsed creatures of the deep, there’s a magical sensation to being in a truly, well-designed aquarium. Fortunately, these days, on a global scale, there are a number of fantastic aquariums. In addition to the sheer enjoyment of entering one, they also offer interesting exhibits. Certainly, aquariums offer both young and old the opportunity to learn and be dazzled at the same time. Continue reading “Top 5 Amazing Aquariums In The World” »

Five Most Interesting Places to Visit in Texas

Ditch the boring tour package in favor of this unique selection of attractions. Perfect for those who are tired of the usual museums, theme parks, and historical sites, these appealing and one of a kind attractions are a sight to behold. Get your pens and papers ready because here are the best places to visit in Texas. Continue reading “Five Most Interesting Places to Visit in Texas” »

Top Five Museums to Visit in North Carolina

Have you ever noticed how museums are always included in every tour package or travel itinerary? Before you think that these places are added to fluff up the program, have you ever considered the benefits you gain from spending time at a museum? Often large and dreary looking from the outside, museums are beautiful outlets that give us a glimpse of the past. The collections of interactive experiences, history, art, and sciences found in museums allow visitors to connect in a series of educational and entertaining modes. There is no better way to learn about the early beginnings of a locale than by visiting one. Here is a quick rundown of some fascinating museums to explore when you’re in North Carolina. Continue reading “Top Five Museums to Visit in North Carolina” »

Five Exceptionally Beautiful National Parks in Canada for Your Bucket List

According to many outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, Canada is a top destination featuring some of the best national parks the world has seen. Whether you are looking for verdant forests, crystal clear mountain lakes or breathtaking coastline, Canada has it all. Continue reading “Five Exceptionally Beautiful National Parks in Canada for Your Bucket List” »

7 Best Water Parks in the World in 2019

Anyone that has ever been in a water park knows why both adults and kids can’t get enough of them. If you are a kid, a waterpark feels like a revelation, much better than hanging out on the beach, or anywhere else. If you are an adult, it feels like getting back in time and connecting with your inner child. Continue reading “7 Best Water Parks in the World in 2019” »

What to do in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Utah is the land of many canyons as well as national parks of which one of the internationally acclaimed is the Bryce Canyon National Park in southwest. The name itself suggests the top draw – the Bryce Canyon. Technically, it is a giant horseshoe-shaped amphitheater created naturally due to the erosion taking place along the Paunsaugunt Plateau in east. Another highlight in this park is the series of hoodoos referred to as the unique geological structures formed because of the ice, water, and wind erosion that has completely transformed the sedimentary rocks and the course of the river’s water. Continue reading “What to do in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah” »