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5 Tips to Plan for Your Perfect Ski Resort Trip

The year is almost over, you and your team survived a ten long months of hard-working and stress. It’s time to break all the stress and unwind in a place far away from work. After deciding on a ski resort trip, you and your team are excited about your vacation. Now, the only thing to do is to start preparing for it. (more…)

Why taking a pub crawl in an unfamiliar city is a great idea

To get a feel for the city, it’s social culture and habits a guided pub crawl is a must do, especially on the first evening of your arrival. A new and unfamiliar town where do you go, which places are the most frequented, trendy or popular? An organised pub crawl is essential to make your visit a memorable and fun one.


Eleven advantages of traveling with a Tour Guide

When we arrive for our vacations in a new country or an unknown region; it is often that we have already more or less made the list of what we would like to see. (more…)

3 reasons to rent out your room with Rent Room

If you’re in dire need of money, renting out one of the rooms in your home might be a great way of securing some extra income. With Rent Room, you can easily find a tenant to share an apartment with and get a handsome cheque every month. Still not convinced whether renting out is a good idea? These 5 reasons might just make you change your mind!


5 Simple Tips For Better Sleep And Rest On Long Flights

Many people have trouble sleeping, especially on long plane flights.  But many times those same people don’t get enough quality sleep in their every day lives, either.  Unfortunately, lack of quality sleep goes well beyond feeling tired and lacking energy during the day.  Lack of sleep can cause serious health problems and even death! (more…)

Dokido – The Self-Propelling Longboard Skateboard Reimagined

Longboarding is one of the most adored outdoor activities by people of all ages because of the high level of fun it provides. Cruising around in an excellent longboard is not only exciting but also comes with unique health benefits.  (more…)

Top 5 Advantages of Trailer Travel

People like to travel, and they do it as often as possible. That’s pretty much a fact that unites folks of all ages and nations. Another fact that unites most folks is that everyone wants to make the most of their trips. The average traveler will always look for ways to see more, do more, and enjoy more while vacationing. (more…)

How To Find Cheap Flights

We know that one of the most stressful aspects of holiday planning is flight search. When is the best time to make a booking and when is the best time to travel? (more…)