Fascinating Beach Pleasures at Ponta Negra

Come to beautiful South America and experience the delights of a beautiful land filled with the best sights and the most interesting visual beauty. The nicest beach here in Natal, the Ponta Negra beach is a lovely travel spot with pousadas, hotels, beach bars, restaurants, sailing boats, surfers and such experiences. Surfing here is very interesting and exciting and fills tours with ultimate tour ecstasies.

The beach has some beautiful sights like the Morro Da Careca, which is a lovely and majestic sand dune with a steep face that comes and lands into the sea. The dune cannot be accessed, as there is lot of erosion and damage. The Atlantic rain forest surrounds it and the pleasures of being in a fascinating land is what makes travels here extremely memorable.

The Ponta Negra village is an area filled with fishers and other people who make up the entire destination. Tourism started here some years back and today it is being occupied by most of the foreigners who love to enjoy the beautiful sights and pleasures.

There are comfortable hotels and houses, which make up the entire travel experience much more convenient. Come here, enjoy this four kilometre long beach, and bask in the pleasures of this greenery and mountain delights that form the major landscape here. In spite of the fact that this hill here should not be climbed, yet there are many adventure lovers who do it. People from all types of profession come here and enjoy the cherishable experiences.

Ponta Negra, Natal, Brasil

The beach at Ponta Negra has the barraqueiros who are folks who have their informal business on the beach. They put the sun umbrellas and the beach chairs which are at the disposal of those who love this. These barraqueiros sell soft drink, water, coconut, and beer.

With the pleasures of picoles, caipirinha, hula hula, the pleasures of being in lovely Ponta Negra is a wonderful experience.