Five Countries You’ve Never Considered For Vacation

Paris, Rome, London – been there, done that. There is no denying these cities are beautiful with great all-inclusive deals, but tried and tested travel destinations offer few bragging rights nowadays. It seems everyone has had pictures with the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben lately. If you’re wanting an unusual travel destination, one of these more forgotten vacation countries will give you some serious bragging rights – and photo opportunities – to make your friends jealous! 


Peru: Best known as home to the famous Machu Picchu, Peru has plenty to offer vacationers. More active tourists may enjoy hiking on the Inca Trail, while those more keen on relaxing may find shopping in the open air markets more their style. A Peruvian specialty is the weaving of textiles which are used for anything from clothing to rugs and watching them woven in action is common in the markets. And if you simply have to work a beach into your vacation, fret not! Peru is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and offers top-notch surfing opportunities!

Machu Picchu


Vietnam: Often considered one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Vietnam is a top choice for vacationers interested in photography. Its gorgeous mountains and beaches will certainly be growing in popularity once they are discovered by the masses, so strike while the iron is hot! And budget-savvy travelers take note – Vietnam is one of the most reasonably priced travel destinations in the world with hostel stays as low as $5 per night.

Ha Long Bay


Hungary: Visit Hungary and experience beautiful architecture mixed with an offbeat urban feel. If city hubs like Budapest aren’t your style, you’ll find the tiny villages surrounding Lake Balaton more your speed. If relaxation is what you’re after, vineyards are a popular attraction in Hungary, complete with wine tasting. Or you could take a dip in the renowned Heviz Baths. In Hungary, there is something for everyone!



Botswana: If you’re interested in a vacation centered on nature, Botswana is the perfect choice. Located inland in Africa, Botswana offers a blend of terrain from the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta. The country is best known for its nature reserves, such as Chobe National Park. Safaris are a common tourist attraction in the area and offer vacationers a chance to see animals not indigenous to their native countries.



Iceland: With one of the most unique landscapes in the world, Iceland has a lot to offer those looking for a change in scenery. Iceland boasts everything from lava fields and volcanoes to geysers and hot springs. If you can catch the skies at the right time of year, Iceland is one of the best places to watch the famous northern lights. The skies aren’t the only source of entertainment either – an idyllic boat trip is only complete in Iceland if it involves watching for whales. There is no denying the beauty of Iceland.


Peru, Vietnam, Hungary, Botswana, and Iceland are all unique vacation destinations which will be sure to spur conversation the next time you meet your friends for dinner. Instead of visiting the same tourist attractions as everyone else in France and Italy, head out for a hike to Machu Picchu or a safari in Botswana. There is always something fun and different to be done in these five countries!