French Luxury Holiday: Searching for the Best Accommodation

Castles, chateau, and villas are the perfect setting for a French luxury holiday. You can rent chateaus or castles in France. If you are planning to go on holiday with different family groups and you want to enjoy a luxurious week or two in a location where you can relax then the villas, chateau or castles are a good option.


These castles, chateaus, or villas for rent are situated in different locations. The most popular regions are the Loire Valley, Provence, South-West of France, and Brittany.

One should ask for rent accommodation in France to a personalized boutique agency that can advise on the best location. These agencies work with castles, villas, or chateau owners and can help you in choosing the best property to rent.

It depends on how big your group is. Also, the agency should always be available in case you have any concerns about your stay. It is best to have a buffer between you and the owners to ensure that you experience the luxurious holiday you were promised.

Finding the Best Castle to Rent in France

Castle rentals in France are a big industry. During the French Luxury Holiday, lots of people will be looking for a castle to rent. When searching for the best place to rent, the first thing you need to decide is the place you want to stay.

Amboise Castle, Loire Valley

The South of France is an excellent place to look for a luxurious place to have a vacation. If you search Google for the site to stay during the French Luxury Holiday, it will give you one zillion rental possibilities.

You need to be more specific on your research to shorten your list. One of the popular places to search for a place to stay is in Provence. Many people choose to spend their retirement days in Provence. But, you need to be ready as it is not cheap at all.

Finding a Villa to Rent in France

If you want to stay in a villa during your French Luxury Holiday, here are some features you can consider before renting.

Choose the one with impressive gardens. Look for renting villas with flowering trees, attractive topiary, and manicured lawns.

Villefranche-sur-mer, Bay of Villefranche-sur-mer in the Cote Azur

A swimming pool is a vital feature. If you need to rent the property out, a pool is an essential feature as you probably want to enjoy the sun and be close to nature. It is best to find beautiful villas near the sea with swimming pools. There are low budget and luxury villa on a smaller budget that you can choose from.

Choose villas with stunning views, maybe overlooking the mountains, rolling hills, or the sea. Whatever it is you prefer, it is essential to choose any luxury villa with breathtaking views.

Find villas with tranquil surroundings, but near to leisure facilities, excellent restaurants, and cultural activities. The most popular options are the ones located within less than an hour’s drive from the airport.

Brittany, Colorful medieval houses in Vannes

Keep in mind these essential features when searching for villas and castle rentals in France, and you will surely have a relaxing and enjoyable French Luxury Holiday.