Guided Tours and Sightseeing in Berlin

The city of Berlin, located in northeastern Germany, is home to over 3.4 million residents, making it the second most populous city in the European Union. As the center of the Prussian empire in the 18th and 19th centuries, and hub of the first and second world wars, Berlin is literally brimming with historical landmarks and fascinating guided tours.

The Berlin Wall

Guided tours are available for most of the attractions in the city-state of Berlin, including one of the most infamous relics of the Cold War. The Berlin Wall divided Berlin into “east” and “west” Berlin for 28 years during the Cold War era. While the Wall was functionally dismantled in 1989, large sections were left standing as a monument to the end of the Cold War, and are available for sightseeing and tours.


The Berliner Dom

Along with the Berlin Wall, the Berliner Dom is another living monument within Berlin’s city limits. This cathedral was constructed at the turn of the 19th century, declaring Germany’s imperial might. The Berliner Dom was damaged in the 1940’s by Allied forces, but has since been repaired, along with its impressive pipe organ. Sightseers are allowed inside to experience the majesty of 20th century, imperial Germany, and to behold the interior of one of Europe’s most impressive cathedrals.

Berliner Dom
Berliner Dom

The Reichstag

The Reichstag, located in the heart of Berlin, is the seat of Germany’s federal government. One of the most popular landmarks, The Reichstag is roofed by an enormous glass dome and represents the strife and tumultuous changes in German government throughout the 20th century.

Berlin, Reichstag

The Holocaust Mahnmal

Berlin houses some of the most impressive, and gruesome, monuments and landmarks of World War 2 and the Holocaust. The center of the Nazi Empire in the early 20th century, Berlin is home to the Holocaust Mahnmal, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews. This memorial stands as a living memory to the thousands of victims slain during the rise of the Third Reich and one of the most costly genocidal campaigns in human history.

The Berliner Zoo

Not every landmark in Berlin commemorates War and Empire! The Berliner Zoo is the oldest zoo in Germany and houses one of the most diverse animal populations in the world. From polar bears to snake farms, from tigers to elephants, the Berliner Zoo is home to ocean and land going species from all six continents.


Berlin Bunkers

Guided bus and walking tours of Berlin’s World War 2 bunker system are available for the spelunking adventurer. One of the largest and most complex bunker systems anywhere in the world, these underground fortresses are synonymous with Hitler’s last stand and the fall of the Third Reich.  A tour of these bunkers provides an in depth look at Nazi era Berlin, one of the most vivid monuments of Germany’s past.


While Germany has historically been a military and cultural force to be reckoned with, some believe their most notable achievement lies in the beverage department. The legendary breweries of Berlin are available for guided tours, and a little bit of taste testing! Along with tasting some genuine, Berlin-brewed beer, sightseers can take advantage of guided pub tours and experience some of the acclaimed German nightlife.