Heart Lake Resort in Gaylord, Michigan

Heart Lake Resort is the perfect place to stay if you find yourself in northern Michigan. Every year my husband and I stay there in the winter, but we have gone there during other seasons as well because of everything Heart Lake Resort offers. Heart Lake Resort is located just south of Gaylord close to the only major highway that passes through this region. This resort is easy to find as once you get off the highway there is only one more turn to make and then you arrive. And even though it is close to the highway and to Gaylord, it is still nestled in a secluded area that is truly breathtaking. I found this resort at www.luxury-resort-guide.com.

No matter what season you are traveling to Northern Michigan, Heart Lake Resort has something to offer. As I mentioned before, my husband and I go in the winter each year. We go there because Heart Lake Resort is located right across the road from a major snowmobile trailhead. Once you get on this trail there are many different ways you can go and you can go for miles. Gaylord is known as an excellent snowmobile town as it is the highest elevation in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, and Heart Lake Resort is near enough to reap the benefits.

My husband and I have also been to Heart Lake Resort in the fall because of the trees that surround the place. In the fall the trees are full of reds, yellows, oranges and browns. Also, the air is so crisp and clean that it is always refreshing to go there in the fall. Heart Lake Resort is located right on Heart Lake so in the summer you have plenty to do. Just down the road a few miles is Otsego Lake so you can always use that lake as well for water activities. Finally, in the spring there are tons of flowers and a nature trail nearby. As you can see, each season brings about something fun to do so everyday of the year is a good time to go to Heart Lake Resort.

Heart Lake Resort offers many amenities other than being situated right on a lake. The owner offers a canoe to use and there is a fire pit to enjoy when the weather is appropriate. The cabins offer microwaves, refrigerators, free wi-fi, stoves and kitchen utensils just to name a few. What is nice too is that there are different sizes to choose from so it is good for all family sizes.

Depending on what size cabin you want will determine the price; however, they are all extremely affordable considering everything that comes with a rental. The rates range from $64 to $98 a night and require at least a two night stay. The owner takes many forms of payment and often hosts specials and coupon deals.

I could go on and on about Heart Lake Resort because my husband and I love going there every year. Even though this isn’t your traditional hotel, it is definitely a place you and your family should stay when going to Northern Michigan. The location is ideal, the prices are budget friendly, the amenities are abundant and the scenery is breathtaking. If you would like to know more about Heart Lake Resort, please visit their website at www.heartlakeresort.com. I know that you’ll truly enjoy a stay here as my husband and I always do.