Honeymoon in Goa – Resort Options

Goa, the minuscule Indian state, is among the top most beach destinations in the country. “Pristine sands and crystal clear waters” being the operative phrase, the unsullied coast here is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The unique culture here has influences from the times of Portuguese occupation, and the architecture here also is so much the richer for it. There are a whole number of beautiful churches, bungalows and other buildings here. The nightlife here is pulsating to say the least, and the beach parties here, although not as frequent as before, when they happen, are turbulent.

A honeymoon in Goa is among the best decisions to take, as even the most seasoned traveler will be gratified at the remarkable mix of attractions that Goa holds. The state is complete in almost every tourist related aspect. The feeling of romance that is palpable in Goa’s air, will cement your relationship in ways that only Goa can. There are a whole number of resorts, hotels, guesthouses and other accommodations that make for comfortable stays in the lap of luxury. There is a whole number of options you could choose from if you are having your honeymoon in Goa.

Cidade De Goa Resort –

Cidade de Goa is a huge five star resort, and is certainly one of the top most resorts in Goa. The huge area that the resort boasts of make sure that there is enough space for comfort, and the grounds are reminiscent of a old Portuguese hamlet, in both ambience and architecture. There is a whole number of great deals for tourists, including excellent beachfront apartments that lead straight out to the beach.

Nazri Resort –

Nazri is an extremely popular honeymoon resort. The resort is located at a stone’s throw away from the beaches of Calangute and Baga. The resort has excellent packages for honeymooners, and has a range of facilities tailor made for the ultimate comfort of the guests. The resort has a huge swimming pool that overlooks lush green farmland, as well as salt water lakes with colorful birds everywhere. The beaches are also just nearby. The good blend of locales plus the facilities make Nazri an excellent option for your honeymoon in Goa.

Resort Terra Paraiso –

North Goa is where the Resort Terra Paraiso is located, and the Terra Paraiso is extremely popular for its refreshing serenity and absolute lack of crowding. The three star accommodations are very much up to the mark, and there is a whole number of excellent packages that are custom made for couples. The amenities on offer here are also excellent, there are facilities like spa treatments, gym, wi fi among others.

Kenilworth Beach Resort Goa –

A warm and relaxed destination, the Kenilworth beach resort in Goa is very much the epitome of hospitality, and makes for an incredibly relaxed and comfortable stay. The resort is an excellent choice for your honeymoon. The locale is extremely apt, the green lawns and swaying palm and coconut trees make sure the setting is optimized for romance.