Honeymoon Locations in Europe

If you are planning your wedding, and have narrowed your choices of honeymoon locations to Europe, this list will definitely be of help. Europe has a whole lot of magical destinations, but the cities listed below are arguably the most, and have been host to couples all over the world since ages. These cities have been known for having a palpable sense of romance in the air, and definitely you will never go wrong with regards to setting, of you select one of these amazing cities, or all of them, as your honeymoon locations of choice. These locations may be called by some as mere clichés, but the very reason things become clichés is because they have some truth in them after all.

1. Paris :

Paris is definitely one city that deserves the first position in a list of this sort. The city is one of the most romantic in Europe, and has earned the nickname “The city of Love”. Champs Elysees is among the most stylish avenues in Europe, if not the world. The road side cafes are certainly apt locations to have moonlit dinners washed down with wine. The historical bridge over Seine is another popular spot for couples, as is the Eiffel Tower for everyone in the city. The Louvre, the Musee D Orsay are obvious selections.

Paris Eiffel Tower

2. Rome :

Among the most classic cities in the world, Rome tour is a definite choice among honeymoon locations if you are fascinated by the architecture here. There are a huge number of monuments related to history, such as the Coliseum, the Forum, as well as a number of spots that are obvious choices for couples, such as the Villa Borghese. The Pantheon, the Piazza Bavona are all must visits when you are in Rome. The city of Rome definitely looks its best at nighttime, when the moonlight accentuates the fine lines of the monuments.

Rome, Castel Sant Angelo

3. Prague :

Some call Prague the new Paris, which is definitely true in the way that the city has a lot of things that are as stylish and sophisticated as Paris itself, but untrue because all of the attractions held by Prague are unique to itself, and is its very own. The capital city of the Czech republic has a whole lot of romantic locations. The Prague Castle is one, majestically keeping a watch over the city. The Astronomical clock is another must see, and the Old Town Square it is housed in is a definite tourist location as well. Also, do not forget to get serenaded by the accordion players. Prague is definitely among the top most honeymoon locations.