Honeymoon spots in Africa – Jungle Love

Africa, as everyone knows, has a veritable abundance of natural beauty. The continent is filled plush full of forests, wildlife reserves, deserts, beaches, balmy islands, cities, and a whole lot more that makes it an exceedingly rewarding destination.

It is simply no wonder that the continent is considered among the top most destinations in the world by travelers all over. It is also hardly a surprise that the continent is increasingly visited by couples all over the world who come here for romantic holidays. There are a huge number of honeymoon spots here.

The feeling of being in the jungle with your loved one is simply out of the world. There are a whole range of tailor made packages for honeymooners and couples. You will have a good degree of privacy, plus a good number of extras.

There is a huge assortment of honeymoon spots here, and these are inclusive of the picture postcard perfect islands that are located off the coast of Mozambique, the abundant wildlife reserves in Botswana, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, and other countries. There are a huge number of locations where you can enjoy the magic of a traditional safari with that special someone.

If you want to go on a traditional safari and combine it with a honeymoon, the choices are simply overwhelming. There are a number of options all over Africa, especially in the eastern and southern parts of the continent.

Countries such as Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania are the top most among wildlife destinations, and you can have an experience unparalleled in thrill and excitement in the large number of national parks, and private game reserves. These are simply swarming with majestic wildlife.

The Masai Mara and the Serengeti game reserves are world famous. They are famous as they have all the ‘big 5’ here, which, is the name given by big game hunters in the past to five wild animals that are the most difficult and dangerous to hunt – viz, lion, leopard, the African elephant, the cape buffalo and rhinoceroses. These reserves are also home to multitudes of pink flamingoes. There are luxury safari lodges where you can stay in safety.

Masai Mara

Botswana is a simply fascinating country, and another of the excellent honeymoon spots in Africa simply teems with. It has been named the “Land of Giants”, both because of the huge herds of African elephants, the last remaining in the world, as well as the Baobab tree, a gigantic tree that is upside down. There are some excellent safaris to be had here.

Do not miss the exquisite islands of Bazaruto and Inhaca of Mozambique by any chance.