How to Get Cheap Travel to Dublin: tips for saving money in Dublin

Dublin, Ireland, is well-loved for its music and vibrancy. Dublin, Ireland, is surprisingly accessible to the budget traveller. Here are some tips for saving money in Dublin.

Cheap Travel to Dublin, Ireland

If you are already in Britian, consider this tip for cheap travel to Dublin, Ireland. Did you know that many travel agents and train companies offer discounted travel packages including train and ferry trips to Dublin, Ireland? Look for these types of packages, because they are often more affordable than buying two separate tickets. They can also simplify the process of organizing train and ferry travel so that you don’t have to wait too long to complete the next leg of your trip.


If you are looking for cheap travel to Dublin, Ireland from outside Great Britain, check with affordable or budget airlines. Make sure they are reputable and safe however! STA travel is an affordable travel agent which offers discounts for student travel. You need to prove you are a student and get an international student identity card to take advantage of student rates. STA has some good deals on travel from main airports such as New York and Chicago, to Ireland. These deals are not always just for students but for all travellers. Remember, booking airline tickets well in advance and travelling in an off-peak season can result in significant savings on travel to Dublin.

Saving money in Dublin: Entertainment

Dublin, Ireland is famous for its music – which is good news for the music lover traveller. Better yet, there are numerous affordable music festivals and public concerts. Check with a tourist office to find out details. Visiting a pub which offers traditional Irish music is a cost effective way to combine dining and entertainment.

There are many other things to do in Dublin, Ireland which don’t cost much money. A walking tour is an excellent way to see the sights and it is free. Get a tourist guide book which includes suggestions for walking tours. Whenever you are visiting a city, it is important to stay safe – don’t go in any areas you are not sure about. Also, art museums in Dublin, Ireland are an affordable option because admission is often by donation.


Dublin castle

Saving Money in Dublin: Accommodation

Bed and breakfast lodging or hostels are a great affordable option for saving money in Dublin. Do your research thoroughly to choose a safe and reputable option for accommodation.

Saving Money in Dublin: Food

Visit a gastropub for a meal which has been prepared by a chef but which costs much less than fine dining. Other options for eating in Dublin on a budget include visiting farmer’s markets for fresh organic produce and preparing your own meals. A final tip: choose a hotel, hostel or bed and breakfast which includes breakfast as part of the accommodation fee. Eating a big brunch or breakfast will mean you will spend less on food when you are out sightseeing.