Ideal Beach Getaways in Asia

The continent of Asia is an ancient land filled with the best of sights and the most of visual attractions. With most of the tours here providing the tourists with maximum excitement and fascinating adventurous experiences. Beaches here are a great way of escaping the mundane every day routine and the perfect escape to paradise like destinations.

Come to the beautiful beaches here and fill your life with the best of travel delights. Let us see which ideal beach resorts here are in the continent and how best we could make travels here interesting.

Visit the Yunokawa beach in Japan and enjoy the hot springs here that charm the tourists along with the enthralling beaches here. This is a coastal city that blooms during winter. This is the time when the entire area exudes a sedate ambience that is unmistakable.

Then of course, there is Phu Quoc, which is in Vietnam, and provides immensely enchanting delights. Phu Quoc is mostly viewed as one of the most fascinating islands and a great beach resort with the best of white sandy pleasures and the most of expansive vistas going up to the horizon.


Visit Goa and enjoy tours to the Patnem beach, which is a great haven for all the hippies and the wild ones who come here. Tourists are attracted here and they enjoy the sight of the flea markets and the serene beach destinations. Pattnem is not crowded at all and is a great Goan beach to bask in, and gives you reason to feel the exciting ambience of a Goan beach.


Then there is Malaysia which again is a great beach paradise giving you the best reasons to visit the Asian continent. The main island is Lankawi where you get to see many interesting locales and where you would really enjoy the serenity and tranquility the whole land. Most of the tourists here go to Pantai Cenang where tourists experience the most of beach pleasures. Tanjung Rhu here is famous for being a calm haven of exciting experiences. With limestone, caves and thick mangroves making up the beauty of sights here you have boat tours here, which spice up your tours here.

Havelock Islands in the beautiful land of Andaman Islands in Asia is a fantastic region to visit and a great place to relax in. Filled with greenery and scenic delights all around it is a pleasure to be in this fascinating travel paradise. Charming to the core and enticing every tourist who comes here with the natural beauty, Havelock Islands is awe inspiring place to visit and a great beach resort to be in.

Havelock Islands

Then visit the Ta Pho beach in Thailand, which provides you with the most of Asian beach experiences and gives you the best sights of coconut plantations, fishing villages, and the greatest snorkelling spots. There is a lovely stretch of white sand here, which provides great tour luxuries.

Thus with beautiful beach locales to visit, Asia provides you with the best of beach delights.