Seven Industrial wonders of the World

7 wonders of the Industrial World was basically an idea for a television documentary by BBC, the program was created to examine the major industrial feats, which happened during the technological revolution. The seven industrial wonders listed in the documentary include.

The Great Eastern:

This is designed by Usambard Kingdom Brunel, it was the first ship to be completely built using the iron and it was also one of the most epicurean carriers of that day. However, while the ship was an engineering marvel, he building process of the vessel was stained by several accidents, misfortune, and scandal, such as fire which partially destroyed the shipbuilder’s yard, financial scandals and various troubles with the launch. The reason to which the ship’s health was deteriorating and caused an early death in the year 1859, it is also believed that ship was basically unfortunate.

The Great Eastern

The Brooklyn Bridge:

John Augustus Roebling, designed the bridge, however his son Washington Roebling, took over the project after the death of his father, which happened soon after the announcement of the bridge. And later Washington’s wife Emily Roebling, who learnt engineering, and took over the responsibility of her husband’s work as his wellness was deteriorating as he was spending most of his time at work and suffered a aeroembolism he suffered, because of the distance of time he spent in unforgiving environment. Brooklyn Bridge is a national monument and one of the significant sights connecting the city of New York’s two borough Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Bridge

Bell Rock Lighthouse:

This is an engineering marvel during the 19th century, construction of a seaward lighthouse on Bell Rock; it was designed by a Scottish engineer Robert Stevenson. Bell or Inchcape Rock was a rock in the middle of the water which as taken several lives of sailors and also several ships sinking for 100s of years. However the rock was situated under water and the construction work could only take happen during the low tide which is less than two hours of the day. Even the designing the light house is also a challenge as it has to survive some of the most terrible waves and storms which ravage the area, the construction was happening only during few months each year, when the weather was good, at the same time the housing of the builders had to be taken care of on the sea.

Bell Rock Lighthouse

Sewer King:

It is set in the city of London, during the middle of 19th century. Sewer king is the building of the Sewerage system in London. This was designed to replace the medieval drainage system, which was used for centuries, and was no longer adequate for the ever growing city. The insufficient drainage system was causing diseases and epidemics, and the air was quiet stinky. The Sewer king was designed by a great engineer Joseph Bazalgette, he was a brilliant engineer, who designed the modern sewage system in order to keep the city clean and avoid the diseases; however this was not the first reason the construction of the great London Sewer system was planned.

Sewer King

The Panama Canal:

This canal is built with the American and French efforts to build a canal through the Panama, which links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The first effort of the project was abundant due to tropical diseases, as it killed more than 22,000 people working on the project. Construction of a sea level canal amidst the mountains was also quiet challenging. Financial scandals meanwhile ruined the investors, and the French government was also in big trouble. However, when the US intervened years later, with the solution of eradicating the diseases and also an idea of building the canal with locks rather than leveling the canal with the sea.

Panama Canal

The Transcontinental Railroad:

The building of Pacific Railroad, which is the first transcontinental scheme, this rail route united the Western and Eastern seaboards of the country. It was started by a local store keeper in Sacramento, who had no experience in building the rail road, and the challenges of building the rail road through Sierra Navada was quiet challenging, the building of the rail route through the mountains could happen only with the support of the Chinese workers, meanwhile following the works of the Union Pacific, who are building the rail road from the other side. The entire project was filled with challenges with wild nature, attack by Native American, financial corruption, scandals, and the Wild West.

Transcontinental Railroad

The Hoover Dam:

This dam was constructed during the time of great depression in early 20th century. This dam was a success because of the pitiless pace set by the project’s owner Frank Crowe, he was quiet eager to finish the project as soon as possible and thanks to the depression, and people were ready to do anything for a meal. The working conditions during the construction were extremely hard, and resulted in lots of deaths and the building of the dam created a new city to houses its workers.

Hoover Dam