11 Interesting Rivers in the World

We are all drawn to rivers.  We build our cities, palaces and temples on their banks.  We use them to define our borders and to travel and trade with people across those borders.  They may bring life to deserts and feature in our culture and our myths.  Here are some interesting rivers, and of course, some truly remarkable ones.  

Irkut, Russia, Buryatia

A river that freezes every year, this remote river has its source in the Sayan Mountains.  488 km long.  An interesting journey for adventurous travellers.

Irkut river

Yenisei River, Mongolia, Russia

A river that is born in Mongolia and cuts through Siberia to the Arctic Ocean.

Yenisei River

Yukon, Canada, USA

A river with a name made famous during the gold rush, it is 3,190 km long.  Synonymous, with the hardy travellers of that era.

Yukon river

Volga, Russia

The longest of the rivers in Europe, the Volga is another iconic river that is considered as the river of Mother Russia.

Volga river

Paraná, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina

4,880 km in length, the Paraná is the second longest river in South America.  A visit to the river might be combined with a journey the Iguazu Falls.

Parana river

Murray River, Australia

Australia’s longest river, (2,375 km).  From Australian Alps to the ocean, the Murray is a gentle river.

Murray River

Mekong, Southeast Asia

With a length of 4,530 km, the Mekong provides some staggering views.

Mekong river

Yangtze River, China

From Tibet to East China Sea, the Yangtze is the longest of all rivers in Asia.  Famous for the beautiful gorges, it’s impossible to think of China without thinking of the Yangtze.

Yangtze River

Mississippi, USA

Iconic in literature, film and song, the Mississippi forms part of the greatest river system in North America.

mississippi river

Nile, Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya

Considered to be the longest of all rivers in the world, the Nile is also one of the most iconic.  A visit to Egypt would be impossible without seeing the Nile.

nile river

Amazon, Brazil, Columbia, Peru

The greatest and the widest, but strangely not the longest river in the world, the Amazon has inspired explorers for centuries. The sheer scale of its network is difficult to comprehend.

Amazon river