Island Beach Pleasures at Medjumbe

Some of the best islands lie in the Quirimbas Archipelago in Africa. Located in the northern part of enchanting Mozambique, this is a great honeymoon destination in this part of the world. Come here to the remote island and enjoy your tours to this heavenly destination. All those who want to have a tropical setting against the background of greenery and beautiful coral reefs, are sure to fall in love with this region instantly.


Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Medjumbe is a beautiful land where you get all this and more. With no local village, the place moves at its own pace. Walk barefoot here and feel closer to nature. With around 13 beach chalets with each of them having private plunge pools, tours here are filled with ecstasic charm and memorable pleasures. With a harmonious exterior, the interiors of these chalets are predominantly Moroccan. Tourists love to laze in the beach hammocks here and as you gaze out into the blue waters of the ocean, you would only thank yourself for having visited this heaven called Medjumbe.


Enjoy the occasional sights of a hump back whale and binge into the delicious food that is offered here. Mozambique is very famous as a sea food spot.

The food here is mainly an African Portuguese blend. The simple experience of eating looking out into the ocean, and watching the sun set is enough to set the ball of travel excitement rolling here.


There are private stretches of beach here, where you have many coves to explore. With the coral reefs being one of the healthiest ones in the world, divers love to come here and try their diving capabilities. The waters are clear here so you would find game fish like the Dorado and the Yellow fin Tuna.

The small size of the island notwithstanding, the snorkelling and sunbathing pleasures here are a very different experience.

With day trips organized to the Lugenda Wilderness camp, tours to Medjumbe are surely worth a try.