Komodo National Park

Are you interested to check out the natural diversity of Indonesia in an eventful way? Then, get ready for your rendezvous with the Komodo Dragon at the famous Komodo National Park of Indonesia. From kids to adults, nearly everyone gets excited at the possibility of visiting this famous attraction of Indonesia. Come meet its main attraction, the last surviving dragon, Komodo. Read on to know more about this park and its dragon.

Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park

Founded in 1980, the Komodo National Park was initially set up with an aim to conserve the only surviving Komodo dragon specie. Located near the islands of Lesser Sunda, the Komodo National Park is a must visit tourist attraction of Bali. Having successfully fulfilled its aim, this park was honored by being tagged as one of the World Heritage Sites and a Man and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. These titles clearly indicate the biological importance of the Komodo National Park.

komodo national park indonesia

Komodo National Park Species

With an ideal location and all the eco friendly facilities, Komodo National Park forms an ideal home for a number of species. Spread over an area of 1,735 sq.km, this park is a home to various high marine species like ocean sunfish, whale sharks, false pipefish, clown frogfish, tunicates, blue-ringed octopus, coral, sponges, pygmy seahorse and eagle rays. Komodo National Park in fact forms an ideal choice for those who wish to explore marine biodiversity in its full glory.

Komodo Dragon

Apart from acting as a home to all the above-mentioned marine creatures, the Komodo National Park forms a perfect home for the last surviving Komodo dragon or Varanus Komodoensis. Komodo dragon is a large lizard with an average length measuring between 2 to 3 meters. To match this unusual size is its unusual weight of about 70 kgs. This dragon used to inhabit the islands of Komodo, Floes, Gili Motang and Rinca. However, now this specie can only be seen at the heritage site called Komodo National Park.

Komodo Dragon

Komodo National Park Happenings

With such a major relevance in protecting the biodiversity, today, many authorities are contributing towards the conversation of this park. PT. Putri Naga Komodo and PKA Balai Taman Nasional Komodo are together involved in protecting its resources. Both these authorities are putting their best efforts in reducing the major threats to the marine life that is preserved in the Komodo National Park. Apart from these authorities, The Nature Conservancy or TNC, a popular American environmental organization gives its full support to this park.


Visitors visiting the Komodo National Park can expect to watch out for the following highlights:

* The last surviving specie of Komodo dragon.
* Over 1000 species of fish.
* Over 260 species of reed-building coral.
* Over 70 species of sponges.
* Over 14 species of whales, sea turtles and dolphins.

Now that you are familiar with the location, happenings and highlights of the Komodo National Park, we assume that you are now ready for a perfect rendezvous with the Komodo Dragon. So, get up and watch the only live dragon in front of your eyes at the Komodo National Park.