Six Must Visit Dubrovnik Attractions

If you are planning on visiting Croatia and paying a visit to the world-famous tourist delight that is Dubrovnik in 2019 while at it, here are some things you should have on your to-do list for a really memorable experience.


Must visit Dubrovnik attractions for 2019

Have a Cable Car Ride

It might seem like a fun way to get around, but a car ride is also a great way to have breathtaking views of Dubrovnik. Although the ride is over in five minutes, the experience is something that is bound to stay with you for years. The cable ride takes you 405 meters above the ground, and you travel a distance of 778 meters. The old town is especially beautiful to gaze upon while on a cable car, and it’s incredible watching where the town meets the deep mysterious sea.

cable car dubrovnik

See the City Walls

It might be 2019, and the ancient walls in Dubrovnik might be several centuries old, but touring them never gets old. The city walls go around the city and they are two kilometers long. While on this tour, you will see 17 towers, 5 bastions, St. John Fortress, and two corner fortifications that keep visitors coming to this great Croatian city year after year.

Dubrovnik Croatia

Visit Rector’s Palace

This architectural masterpiece is a marvel that keeps visitors to Dubrovnik excited about their visit given its immense cultural significance. Today, the palace is the Cultural History Museum, and that means you will have several other delights waiting for you as you visit this amazing place. During summer, there are even festivals held at the venue. It would be fun if you could attend one of these events.


Take a Game of Thrones Walking Tour

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, then Dubrovnik is set to become an especially amazing place for you to visit. Many scenes in this wildly popular series are filmed in Dubrovnik, such as the King’s Landing. You can take a few hours to tour the places where this great series gets filmed, which would be the ultimate treat for you as a devoted GoT fan.


Go Kayaking on the Sea

Did you know that you can watch Dubrovnik from the sea? Not only that, you can do it while enjoying the thrill of riding a kayak. The walls around the sea make the experience especially exciting, and you can kayak all day if you like and still enjoy every minute of it. While on this water-based tour, you can go around the city walls, the island of Lokrum, and also visit the small pebbly cave beach that has become a popular destination for tourists to this beloved Croatian destination.

Sea Kayaking Dubrovnik

Jump of Cliffs

Dubrovnik has great majestic and imposing cliffs, and you can get quite an adrenaline rush jumping off them. There is a popular spot near to Buza Bar where you can do this to your heart’s content. Be warned though, this is an extreme activity that has left some of its participants with some injuries. But you can always opt for safer venues if that becomes too much of a concern for you.

Dubrovnik Jump of Cliffs

There is no shortage of things to enjoy in Dubrovnik even as you tour the popular destination in 2019. Above are just a few of these fun activities you can enjoy while in this part of Croatia. So, be sure to have a great time by trying out some, if not all of these fun things as you tour Dubrovnik.
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