Natural Attractions in Majorca

Nestled in the Balearic Islands, this small Spanish island is truly a holiday paradise. Enjoy your hard-obtained vacation amidst the calm Mediterranean water and smooth seashores of Majorca. This cool destination is just ideal for all ages right from the young ones to the aged. Among all the natural attractions in Majorca, the charming seashores grab the first rank on the hot list of visit of the families, as they are always eager to be there as many times as possible. All thanks to the clear water that pull many swimmers of any age to enjoy more than expected and the wonderful sea life that ensures great snorkeling.

Nature is at its best in this southeast island of Spain. So, besides beaches, you can enjoy the myriad of visually striking landscapes. In the hit list of natural attractions in Majorca, there are vast and mysterious cave networks in the lap of natural beauty that hold anybody’s attention, the main being the Caves Del Drac Cristos.

Puerto de Alcudia in Mallorca
Puerto de Alcudia in Mallorca

Although the atmosphere here is quite warm and dry, the sea breeze brings for you a pleasant environment. On the whole, Majorca is a wonderful island for vacation and that you can freely augment your fun by hiring bikes and cars to access the nearby sites. This article focuses on natural attractions in Majorca, but there are other architectural and cultural attractions too.
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Among all the natural attractions in Majorca, the most famous one is the Coves del Drac or the Dragon Caves nestled at the south of the Porto Cristo town. With small admission charges, this extensive network of cave complex can be visited completely via a one-hour guided-tour conducted in four different languages. Start with exploring the unusual stalactites and end your trip by being a part of a violin concert on the Lake Martel. After this, you can also take up a boat ride planned by a gondolier.

The Serra de Tramuntana is a great mountain range that stretches from the southwest to the northeast – from Andratx to Pollenca. The entire elevation is carpeted with pine trees and rocky cliffs of the most popular Cap de Formentor and Sa Dragonera. This is where you can climb and drive to discover some of the best sceneries in the world. While you ascend along the forested hills, you can encounter the stark land and peaks for some breathtaking vistas, the rosemary smell, sheep bells sound, and the wonderful village mansions. If you are driving, you will have to pass the tunnels and ravine with full concentration as it is very risky. Do visit the Cap de Formentor that offers really beautiful landscapes and splendid views. Also, visit the lighthouse located at the end.

Now, it was the turn of the largest and most important wetland and natural park named S’Albufera d’Alcudia that is split from the coast due to sand dunes. To explore its varied birds and animals, you need to do so either on foot or by bicycle with no charges. Do take a special visiting permit to explore the park for which you need to apply at the reception centre. The visiting days and timings are from April to September between 9:00 to 18:00 and October to March from 9:00 to 17:00.

Coming to the beaches, the Magalluf Beach is regarded as one of the best beaches. Whether it is day or night, its charm always allure you. One of the main highlights is the Nemo Submarines via which you can explore the flora and fauna under the water. This is even better than the glass-bottom boats.

Sa Calobra is a beautiful bay in the north of the island, which is accessible by a boat ride. This is really an exciting way to make to the island as on the way, it passes through the Port de Soller and other remote bays along with the breathtaking views of Puig Major. The main highlight at the bay is to stroll via a tunnel so that you can access the beautiful ravine of Torrent de Pareis and a pebble beach.

To view the beautiful landscapes of the north side of Majorca stretched across the plains and between the mountains, the Ferrocarril de Sóller is the best way to do so. It is a train operating on an electric locomotive on a time machine of the 19th century. This one hour memorable journey is on a narrow gauge, which also via the 13 tunnels of Serra de Tramuntana to reach to the beautiful valley of Soller. Catch it from Palma de Mallorca.