Kelimutu Lakes

The bounties of nature never seem to amaze us as and when it reveals it surprises we are often hypnotized by them. Out of the countless fantasies from nature, colored lakes of Kelimutu will surely sway your senses. Located in the craters at the summit of Kelimutu Volcano, these lakes are undoubtedly the most fabulous sites of Indonesia. Surprisingly, these lakes change their shades periodically and hence are referred to as the colored lakes. Continue reading “Kelimutu Lakes” »

Bali surfing

When it comes selecting the most exciting holiday destinations, most of us would like to visit seaside islands. Often such islands present a whole bunch of soothing options, including, absorbing scenic beauties, exciting surfing sports, healthy environment and above all much sought after mental peace. Among the major island countries across the world, Indonesia definitely is a cut above the rest. The country is essentially made up of a group of several islands and among these there is Bali; a spectacularly beautiful island that is counted as one of finest tourist destinations in the world. Continue reading “Bali surfing” »

Bali top tourist attractions

Orchid gardens, cool beaches and ancient temples, all these and much more add to the popularity of Bali, a popular Indonesian destination. Ideally set between islands of Java and Nusa Tenggara, Bali is one of the 18,000 islands that together form the whole of Indonesia. A visit to its top five tourist attractions is enough to learn about its vast and colorful Balinese culture and traditions. So, come and read on to know about the top five tourist attractions of Bali. Continue reading “Bali top tourist attractions” »

Indonesia culture

Are you geared up to go on your trip to Indonesia? Why not make it pleasurable by taking a quick peek-a-boo at the interesting Indonesian culture and cuisine? There indeed is no better way to feel at home in a foreign country like Indonesia other than familiarizing yourself with its rich culture and trends. Like any other place of the world, Indonesia too practices its own cultures, religions and etiquette. Come browse through some important and useful information about Indonesia by reading about its culture, religion, and etiquette. Continue reading “Indonesia culture” »

Indonesia hotels

If it is the sea that fascinates you, then go for a tour to Indonesia. Showcasing a perfect blend of modernity and traditionalism, Indonesia is a perfect place for all those who dream of having a vacation in the lap of nature. Every year hundreds of tourists throng this beautiful Southeast Asian destinations and owing to its exotic beauty. In case you plan to travel to Indonesia then there are chances that you will look for a suitable accommodation. Read on to know about some top places to stay while traveling in Indonesia. Continue reading “Indonesia hotels” »

Indonesia weather

If you are planning to go to Indonesia, then do make sure to keep the weather in mind while traveling trough this beautiful destination. Indonesia, known for its balmy breezes, sun-kissed beaches and serene sea is an ideal place to get away from the daily hustle bustle of the city life. However, to take the full advantage of your Indonesian tour, you are always advised to do some beforehand research, take for instance about its weather. Continue reading “Indonesia weather” »

Indonesia travel

Planning to rock Indonesia this vacation with your friends? Well, the country offers everything to make your excursion an unforgettable experience. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean from almost every side, the country presents a mix of picturesque natural scenery and adventurous sea sports. Besides its scintillating beaches and seaside view, it holds several beautiful places to explore. However, your mind must be boggling about the travel options available in the country for ensuring your smooth sojourn there. Keep all your worries aside, as you’ll find all sorts of traveling alternatives in Indonesia, obviously in addition to ships and boats. Continue reading “Indonesia travel” »

Bali Island

“Glorious Bali Island” – that’s the official motto of this paradise island, well known to the entire world since World War II. Bali is the most famous tourist destination of Indonesia and preferred location for sun lovers from the west, so undoubtedly the next choice would be Bali. Continue reading “Bali Island” »