Bali family holidays

Bali is a perfect place for those who are on holiday with children. Bring all your family to explore the island. You all will love the natural surroundings, and it is definitely easy to find a baby sitter or somebody to take care of your kids. Continue reading “Bali family holidays” »

Mashhad, Capital of Khorasan province

Mashhad located in the northeastern Iran, 909 kilometers east of  Tehran, in the valley of  Kashaf  River. The city stands at an average elevation of  980 meters above sea level. Mashhad is one of  the largest cities in Iran, it is an important religious center situated in a productive agricultural region. The shrine of  the early 9th century religious leader Imam Reza, attracts many tourists and pilgrims each year. Continue reading “Mashhad, Capital of Khorasan province” »

Esfahan, half of the world

Esfahan lies at the heart of  Iran, 414 km south of  Tehran, in the lush Zayandeh Rood plain, at the foothills of  Zagros mountain range. The city enjoys temperate climate and four separable seasons. No obstacles exist as far as 90 km north of  Esfahan and cool northern winds blow in this direction. She stands at an average elevation of  1500 meters above sea level. Continue reading “Esfahan, half of the world” »

Persepolis, City of the Persians

About 56 km north of  Shiraz, at the foot of  Rahmat hill, there lies this pearl of  the world empires, greatest honor of  the human being civilizations, heart of  Persians which may attract any visitor attention and fill him with spiritual blood while beating in his chest; just a glance you would never like to close your eyes even for a while. Continue reading “Persepolis, City of the Persians” »

Yazd, centre of Zoroastrian culture

Yazd lies at center of  Iran, to the north and east lie the deserts Dashte-Kavìr and Dasht-e Lut. Yazd is an important manufacturing center with cotton, silk, and wool textile mills; a steel plant, a factory making water purification and filtration equipment; carpet-weaving workshops; and food-processing enterprises. Yazd sits on the main highway and rail line fromTehran to Bandar Abbas. It is also served by an airport. Continue reading “Yazd, centre of Zoroastrian culture” »

Bali Island tourism

Bali, a beautiful island paradise in the Indonesian archipelago made international news when the island was rocked by suicide bombings in 2002 and 2005. However, the island is better known as an excellent vacation holiday destination and a major tourist attraction. Tourists who have visited this South East Asian island will tell you that Bali exudes a certain magical charm and that is why, some people call Bali, the Island of Gods. After all, gods live in paradise don’t they? Continue reading “Bali Island tourism” »

Komodo National Park

Are you interested to check out the natural diversity of Indonesia in an eventful way? Then, get ready for your rendezvous with the Komodo Dragon at the famous Komodo National Park of Indonesia. From kids to adults, nearly everyone gets excited at the possibility of visiting this famous attraction of Indonesia. Come meet its main attraction, the last surviving dragon, Komodo. Read on to know more about this park and its dragon. Continue reading “Komodo National Park” »

Borobudur – Best Things to see

Humans have since ages created architectural marvels that tend to awe people even after centuries have passed by. One such structure that is standing tall since ages is the Borobudur, Mahayana Buddhist monument in Melagang, Indonesia. This colossal historical structure has survived many periodic wears and tears and terrorist attacks, to stand as one of the finest South-East Asian relics. Its mystical charm and historical relevance make it an integral part of the itinerary of most tourists while they travel through Indonesia. Continue reading “Borobudur – Best Things to see” »