Five Most Interesting Places to Visit in Texas

Ditch the boring tour package in favor of this unique selection of attractions. Perfect for those who are tired of the usual museums, theme parks, and historical sites, these appealing and one of a kind attractions are a sight to behold. Get your pens and papers ready because here are the best places to visit in Texas.

Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum, San Antonio

A former plumber in San Antonio has made his life’s work into a quirky gallery of sorts. After years spent collecting and then decorating discarded toilet seats, Barney Smith proceeded to mount each one on the walls of his garage. Over the last fifty years, his collection of more than 1,200 toilet seats continues to grow. A little bit of an oddity for some, but it can turn out to be an art gallery for others. Visit the place and decide for yourself.

Toilet Seat Art Museum San Antonio

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo

Just a little outside of Amarillo Texas, travelers will find a total of ten old Cadillacs fully covered in graffiti, and buried halfway in the dirt. This “ranch” was a commissioned installation that dates back to the early 70s. A tribute to the golden age of American automobiles, the ranch is a colorful display that attracts people from all walks of life. Visitors come to the ranch not just to view and photograph this colorful spectacle; they are also welcome to paint their designs on one of the many Cadillacs. The ever-changing canvas of cars that line the ground is one of West Texas’ more iconic attractions.

cadillac ranch amarillo

Stonehenge, Odessa & Ingram

Why spend on a flight to Easter Island when you’ve got the Texas equivalent of the Stonehenge? Texas may not be the home of any widely recognized ancient artifact. However, that hasn’t stopped a bunch of cities from building some replicas as a tribute to the Stonehenge. While the original is believed to date back some 5,000 years, the Lone Star State’s version is a lot newer. Albeit smaller in size, tourists can see replicas in the city of Odessa or Ingram. The latter even includes duplicates of Easter Island heads.

Stonehenge Odessa Ingram

Alien Gravesite, Aurora

Area 51 in Nevada may be the most synonymous location to alien activity in the USA, or at least that’s what alien hunters would like to believe. But did you know that Aurora Texas was believed to be a UFO crash site in 1897? Well, if you believe the story ran by the Dallas Morning News at the time. According to local legend, the “mystery ship” hit a windmill as it crash-landed into Judge JS Proctor’s flower garden. Supposedly, the residents came to the rescue of the alien pilot, but they were too late. After a Christian burial, the alien was then laid to rest at the local cemetery.

alien gravesite aurora texas

Dinosaur Valley State Park, Glen Rose

It might not be Jurassic Park with living prehistoric creatures, but the Glen Rose Dino Park is a wondrous exhibit of life-sized sculptures of these fascinating beasts. Located on the bed of Paluxy River, evidence of these primordial creatures can be seen on its shores. Known as the state of Texas, it was once the zones that marked the edge of the Precambrian ocean. The park may not be state of the art, but the pure simplicity and the backdrop makes the sculptures come to life.

Dinosaur Valley State Park Glen Rose