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7 Best Water Parks in the World in 2020

Anyone that has ever been in a water park knows why both adults and kids can’t get enough of them. If you are a kid, a waterpark feels like a revelation, much better than hanging out on the beach, or anywhere else. If you are an adult, it feels like getting back in time and connecting with your inner child. (more…)

Seven Wonderful Waterfalls – Witnessing the Natural Wonders of the World

Some of the most enduring experiences of our lifetime arrive by being immersed in dramatic scenery. No words are necessary at such moments; indeed, words may often fail us at such times. Travelling in order to experience the spectacular power and beauty of a waterfall can lead you to some of the world’s most amazing places. Here is a list of seven waterfalls that genuinely offer the visitor something special. (more…)

Six Must Visit Dubrovnik Attractions for 2019

If you are planning on visiting Croatia and paying a visit to the world-famous tourist delight that is Dubrovnik in 2019 while at it, here are some things you should have on your to-do list for a really memorable experience. (more…)

Discovering the History and Culture of Pula, Croatia

One of the wonderful things about Europe is that you can so easily travel from country to country the way you would states within the U.S. Croatia has become a popular travel destination in recent years, but most of the attention has been focused on Zagreb and Dubrovnik. Pula (also called “Pola”) is a Croatian city on the Istria Peninsula that is definitely worth a trip and it’s quite easy to get to if you’re already in Venice. (more…)