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Top 5 Bars and Ruin Pubs in Budapest

Budapest is a city that has it all, from amazing historical buildings to some of the best bars in that part of Europe. What’s better than a cold beer or a laid back vodka martini after touring the city all day long? To that end, we have made a list of the five best bars in Budapest. Some would argue that this or that bar should be on the list, but then each of us has our preferences. Continue reading “Top 5 Bars and Ruin Pubs in Budapest” »

12 interesting Zoos around the World

Set out for an interesting zoo, and the chances are that you will discover an interesting city or regional town.  Zoos within famous cities are perfect for when everybody needs to wind down just a little, and of course, most children love zoos.  Here are some zoos, not necessarily the biggest in the world, but definitely located in places that you might wish to visit. Continue reading “12 interesting Zoos around the World” »

Best Eight Things to do in Budapest

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary is one of Europe’s best loved cities and one of its most beautiful. Known as the “Pearl of Danube” or “City of Baths, the city is divided into two parts by the River Danube, the hilly Buda located on the western side of the river and the flat Pest located on its eastern side. Both these cities are quite different from each other. Continue reading “Best Eight Things to do in Budapest” »

Budapest Zoo – A Great Family Adventure and Fun

Fully known as the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Gardens, this is one of the top attractions to visit in Budapest if you are with your family. Simply called as ‘zoo’, this nature-dedicated site is the home to several exhibits of Hungary animals as well as of those from other nations, educational events, and entertaining shows. With these features, it goes without saying that the Budapest Zoo is also among the most visited highlights in Europe. Right from the moment you step in to the last second of stepping out, you come across more than 700 fauna species all belonging to the different landscapes as well as climatic zones right from the Savannah to Arctic along with the 2000 flora species. It is certainly not possible to look for all in detail in just one day; so people keep coming back for more and more exploration! Continue reading “Budapest Zoo – A Great Family Adventure and Fun” »