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Some of the World’s Biggest and Most Beautiful Shopping Malls

Although the shopping mall might be considered a mainstay of the Western shopping experience, it is not necessarily in the west where you will now find the biggest malls, nor the most interesting. Around the world, shopping malls appear to be getting bigger, more beautiful, and more surprising. (more…)

Mashhad, Capital of Khorasan province

Mashhad located in the northeastern Iran, 909 kilometers east of  Tehran, in the valley of  Kashaf  River. The city stands at an average elevation of  980 meters above sea level. Mashhad is one of  the largest cities in Iran, it is an important religious center situated in a productive agricultural region. The shrine of  the early 9th century religious leader Imam Reza, attracts many tourists and pilgrims each year. (more…)

Esfahan, half of the world

Esfahan lies at the heart of  Iran, 414 km south of  Tehran, in the lush Zayandeh Rood plain, at the foothills of  Zagros mountain range. The city enjoys temperate climate and four separable seasons. No obstacles exist as far as 90 km north of  Esfahan and cool northern winds blow in this direction. She stands at an average elevation of  1500 meters above sea level. (more…)

Yazd, centre of Zoroastrian culture

Yazd lies at center of  Iran, to the north and east lie the deserts Dashte-Kavìr and Dasht-e Lut. Yazd is an important manufacturing center with cotton, silk, and wool textile mills; a steel plant, a factory making water purification and filtration equipment; carpet-weaving workshops; and food-processing enterprises. Yazd sits on the main highway and rail line fromTehran to Bandar Abbas. It is also served by an airport. (more…)

Tehran, Capital of Iran

Tehran lies on an incline, some 1200 meters above sea level, at the southern foothills of  the mighty Elburz range,  256 kilometers south of  beautiful shores of the Caspian sea. Its expansion began in the 16th century under the Safavid monarch Tahmasb I. Karim Khane-Zand was crowned in Tehran in 1758. The city’s relatively temperate climate was the principle attraction for Qajar monarchs. (more…)

Tabriz, capital of Azarbaijane-Sharghy province

Tabriz lies at northwestern Iran, about 600 km northwest of  Tehran, at the foothills of  Sahand mountain. To the south the silent volcano of  Sahand, and to the west Lake Urumiyeh, stretch farms and vast plains. The city stands at an average elevation of 1340 meters above sea level. (more…)

Shiraz, city of flowers and nightingalesc

Shiraz Located in the Zagros Mountains, 895 kilometers south of  Tehran,  enjoys temperate climate across the year. The ruler of  Iran Karim Khan-e Zand in the 18th century made this city his capital. His citadel and residence are among city’s monuments. (more…)